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Meet an Academy Athlete: Alex Sullivan What will be the best part of the Academy?
Alex Sullivan: “The competition is great, it’s as good as it gets. You always have to be at the top of your game if you want to do well. We’re really happy we joined the Academy.” What do you think of the setup here at the Home Depot Center? What’s your favorite part?
AS: “It’s amazing. For how new all of this is, I was surprised how much stuff they had going on. It’s incredible. We’ve gone and watched our other team play, but we’ve also come to the lounge. We played some Xbox and had some food. The food is really good. The dinner last night was good; there was some delicious chicken. The meal was really healthy.” What’s your pre-game routine?
AS: “I listen to music. A lot of guys listen to music. Then do our standard warm-up to get in the mindset before the game.” Who is your favorite MNT player, and why?
AS: “I’d have to go with DaMarcus Beasley because I used to play outside mid and I love watching him play. When he gets the ball, he’s just so fast he can beat players out on the wing.” Do you play any other sports?
AS: “I’ve actually never played any other sports. You can ask my friends, I know nothing else about other sports.” Not even ping-pong?
AS: “Oh, I’ve played ping-pong. I’m actually amazing at ping-pong. I’d win tournaments if I entered them. That’s how good I am.” (Editor’s note: a nearby teammate hearing Alex’s answer disagreed with the assessment of his ping-pong abilities.) Who are your non-soccer idols?
AS: “I don’t have any sport idols, but I do idol (comedian) Dane Cook. I love Dane Cook.” Who’s your favorite soccer team and why?
AS: “West Ham United. I respect all the players that have played there, such as Paul Scholes and I believe Rio Ferdinand and Frank Lampard. They also came over and did a great camp, so after that I really liked the club.” What is your first soccer memory?
AS: “During U-10, I was eight years old and I made the second team. It was the first time I had ever played and it was because I had a coach that just saw me kicking the ball around. After that, he trained me and he got me to where I am now.” What is your best soccer moment?
AS: “During U-12, I had a bicycle kick that went right over the crossbar. It didn’t go in, but it was beautiful.” If you weren’t playing soccer, what would you be doing this weekend?
AS: “Probably playing music as I’m really into music. My favorite band is the ‘Lost Prophets.’ I’m in a band, too, but we suck. I sing.”