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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. Has Touching Moment Following Haiti Victory

U.S. head coach Kazbek Tambi
On playing Haiti in the first sporting event for their country after the earthquake:
"I think we’ve got a really wonderful group of people, not just soccer players, in our team. That showed itself during the evening as they played a great game and did what was asked of them on the soccer field, and yet, right afterwards, they were sensitive enough to empathize with the plight of the Haitians. Many of our players were sitting in the locker room after the game in tears, feeling for the Haitians. It was a tough game for Haiti, but they fought until the end."

On the match:
“We’ve worked on trying to create rhythmical play for several months now and it was neat to see the kids go out today and try to play that way and by in large they succeeded. We had a very solid game where the ball moved very well. We connected passes and set up some good goals.”

On Lindsey Horan scoring four times in the second half:
“She was really sad in the locker room at the end of the first half because she realized she missed three or four great opportunities, but a credit to her that she got her head together and kept playing hard and the goals came for her.”

On starting off the qualifying tournament with a big win:
“It really bolsters their confidence that they can play on this kind of stage, in this setting, in a big stadium with the bigness of the event and still come out and play well.”

U.S. goalkeeper Bryane Heaberlin
On the post-game hug with the Haitian goalkeeper:
“I saw her crying and that was pretty hard for me to see. She’s a ‘keeper and we have that bond. I knew that she had probably lost people close to her and when she goes home she might not have anywhere to go. I gave her a big hug and told her she did great. She came to compete in this tournament despite all that she’s been through and I have tremendous respect for her.”

U.S. defender Olivia Brannon
On the post-game hug with the Haitian goalkeeper:
“It just puts everything into perspective. It makes you realize what is truly important, your family, having a roof over your head, and having food on the table. We take all those things for granted. I had my mom in the stands cheering for me tonight. Some of these girls might never have that again.”

U.S. midfielder Morgan Brian
On the post-game hug with the Haitian goalkeeper:
“We were all sad. Although we won and we opened up the tournament with a good game, of course we feel for the Haitians. After seeing their goalkeeper, everyone was crying and we realized that we had kept our emotions inside leading up to this match, but they all came out afterwards.”

On the match:
“It was a good performance to start off the tournament and our first game as a group that actually counted toward something. I know from the beginning of the year when we all came together, it wasn’t very attractive to watch, but I thought tonight we strung a lot of nice passes together, kept possession in the attacking half and scored some really nice goals.”

U.S. forward Taylor Smith
On the match:
“I thought the result was really good. We we’re pretty nervous at first, but we came together and created a lot of great opportunities. We helped each other a lot and that’s the mark of a good team.”

On the match:
“We were a bit shaky in the attack at first, but I feel like I settled down and I was able to finish a few goals. The game got easier as it went on because I feel like our possession tired them out.”

On facing Haiti after their tragedy:
“That was probably the saddest game I’ve ever played. It was sad that we had to beat them, but we know it’s a competition and we had to try our best too so we came out with intensity too. We knew what they were playing for and we can’t even imagine it, but everyone on our team respects them for being here.”

U.S. forward Lindsey Horan
On the match:
“We had the ball the majority of the time and I thought we possessed the ball really well, which is one of our goals as a team. If we can possess that well, it will just create a lot of chances for the forwards and I was able to put a few away at the end of the game.”

On facing Haiti after their tragedy:
“It was a sad moment after the game. After you compete for 90 minutes you are all wound up and then to see them crying like that just made me think about all that they’ve been through. It was emotional for all of us.”