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w/ MNT Forward Conor Casey

So we asked Conor Casey if he was stranded on a desert island what five CDs he’d bring with him to listen to and he replied with, “If I was stranded on a desert island how on Earth would I have a CD player and five CD’s!?” Smart guy.

Since you found a loophole (kind of a big one) in our Desert Island Disc section Casey, how about the five CDs you’d want with you while traveling from your club team FSV Mainz in Germany to the United States to be with the U.S. Men. Here’s his list:

Grateful Dead, “American Beauty” (Warner Brothers, 1970)
“I had all of the Dead discs before, but since I moved to Germany, I only have a couple of discs.  The majority of my favorite songs are on this one.  It’s uppity, light, happy music on that one.  It’s good for traveling.”

Credence Clearwater Revival, “Chronicles” Vol. 1 (Fantasy, 1976)
“I heard it a lot in my house when I was growing up.  My dad played it quite a bit.  My favorite song is definitely “Lodi.”  I really like John Fogerty.  Every time I listen to it, it reminds me quite a bit of my past.”

Nirvana, “MTV Unplugged in New York” (DGC, 1994)
“I was a big Nirvana fan growing up.  On that album, they did a lot of songs that you hadn’t heard on CDs before.  There were some errors, but everything kind of fit together.  It was one of the first performances on MTV Unplugged, and it was shortly before Kurt Cobain passed away.”

Eric Clapton, “Unplugged” (Reprise, 1992)
“Clapton is really one of the best guitar players ever.  I also listened to him a lot growing up.  My parents were into it.  They had a big influence on my musical taste.  On the weekends every Saturday and Sunday I would come upstairs and there was a lot of music playing.”

Bob Dylan, “Blond on Blond” (Colombia, 1966)
“This is really the kind of music I enjoy listening to.  The lyrics are very important to me.  When I’m at home, or basically just relaxing, this is it.  I think there’s a lot of really good songwriting involved, and that appeals to me.”

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