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Quotes from 4-0 U.S. Victory Against Germany

U.S. Head Coach Pia Sundhage
On what the made the difference during the match to earn a 4-0 victory:
"The first difference was Hope Solo. I think she was the best player on the field actually. There were some great saves. Also, despite their first fifteen minutes, Shannon Boxx and Lori Lindsey picked it up more than the Germans and Abby [Wambach] kept the ball. Then we had the flank play with Heather O’Reilly going up and down the wings. We had some nice moments, especially in the first half, and we scored some nice goals."

On Kristine Lilly’s goal and what it means:
"Well everyone is happy for her and she’s happy for the team. I thought she picked up the rhythm after a while. The first half was a bit up and down but in the second half she did some good things, which I know she can do on this level. Now the question is: can she do it consistently for many games? But I’m happy about her performance today."

On Abby Wambach’s ability to score and create chances:
"Especially when we are struggling a little bit, she was the one who stepped up. She kept the ball a little bit longer and waited for support. We were a little bit slow in support at the beginning but Abby showed up today and again showed how important she is and what a good player she is."

On the crowd in attendance:
"This is great. It’s perfect. And look at the pitch too. I could even play here. This is fantastic."

On how Hope Solo’s performance lifted the team:
"We were playing against skillful players, the Germans are very good. They got some good chances but the way she saved them – at least three – was fantastic. I think she is the best goalkeeper in the world."

U.S. Goalkeeper Hope Solo
On the win tonight:
"It felt good. To be honest, I haven’t felt at the top of my game for a while so it feels really good. I haven’t seen a zero for a long time."

On setting the bar high for the team tonight :
"I don’t know about that. We had some brilliant goals. Our midfield, which is missing Carli Lloyd who usually sets the feel for us, did an amazing job. Lori Lindsey came in here and was threading balls through the defense. I thought it was good all around."

What have you learned about this team playing Germany:
"I learned that you never know what to expect when you play Germany. Sometimes it’s all defensive and sometimes it’s all attack. It’s a lot of counters and good defending. Anything goes when you play Germany."

On the team coming together:
"I think we’re really coming together but it’s been interesting with some of the injuries we’ve had. We’ve brought back some of the veterans and brought in the youth. It’s so competitive to make this roster."

U.S. Forward Abby Wambach
On the win tonight:
"It’s great. I'm really proud of the team for taking advantage of the short time we get to spend with each other throughout the WPS season. Obviously, it’s really important to get a lot of players that experience because it’s only going to make our team that much better moving forward into the World Cup in 2011. Frankly, Hope Solo saved the game for us. She saved three that they should have had but she kept them out. Having a goalkeeper like that gives you the best chance to win World Cups and Olympic medals."

On looking for Lilly on her goal tonight:
"Kristine and I have a great relationship. We play really well together and she scored a great goal. But now, I keep having to scoring more goals just so I can catch her! She’s a legend and what she does for this team – there aren’t words for it. She comes out her and gets into the national team pool and played her way onto the starting lineup. It just goes to show her courage and what kind of woman she is. She’s 38 and scores a goal against Germany. I mean come on – she’s ridiculous."

On the importance of her goal in the flow of the match:
"I think that Germany was having the run of play in the first 15 minutes. So when we get that penalty, it’s a bit of a heartbreaker for them. Throughout the game I think we kept getting better. We were making less mistakes. The surface was thick and made for some tricky play at times. But Cleveland brought a great crowd and really proud of us scoring four goals against a great team."

U.S. midfielder Kristine Lilly
On the game:
“It was a great win for us and for me personally it was nice to have a win. I haven’t won since the beginning of the WPS season. It’s nice to get a win and get a goal in there. Today when you saw the U.S. play; this was a good day for us and good finishes and to be a team like that four-nothing was great, and Germany is a great team.”

On returning to play with the team:
“It feels great. It’s fun to play at the highest level with great players. This team has been doing so well since the Olympics in '08, coming together, gelling. There are still some things to fine tune a little bit but for the most part it felt pretty good.”

On what she was thinking after her first goal since 2007:
“I was (thinking) ‘Please don’t pop out’ when it hit the post. And then it went across so I was happy. It felt really good. It was a good ball from Abby.”

On the team’s performance leading into 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup qualifying:
“Every time we play we play to win and that makes a difference. Anyone going over to Germany, they’ll have the home field advantage with the crowd so we have to be ready for that. Every time we have the opportunity to play a team we work on something and we make a difference. We find new things that we need to do better and look at the things are doing really well.”