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U.S. MNT Post-Game Quote Sheet vs. Denmark

Post-Game Audio: Bradley  |  Bornstein, Donovan & Cooper

U.S. Head Coach

On the game:
“It is a good way to start the year. We had a number of guys who got their first chance to play for the United States. I thought that all of them responded really well. It has been a good camp. To see the team step on the field with a good mentality and a good amount of energy, and respond well to being down 1-0, I think those were all really good signs.”

On Jonathan Bornstein:
“The first game creates a lot of nerves, I know him so well, he is a player that never seems fazed by anything. He always seems to learn quickly about what is going on around him and he just has good instincts. As the game moved along he got more confident and realized that he could do the job. I thought he had a really good second half.”

On Justin Mapp:
“Justin is still a player that can do some special things. We’ve seen it in MLS and it was nice to see him produce a really neat piece of skill that lead to the second goal. In the whole camp, he is someone who day in and day out has some special ability, and now we are just trying to push him to do more to go with that.”

On what changes he might implement before the Mexico game:
“There will be some changes. It is a fixture date and it will allow us the opportunity to bring in some of our players from Europe.”

On whether he was nervous before the game:
“No, I was excited for this day. This camp has been quite good. I think the guys I work with every day, Peter Nowak, and in this camp Mike Sorber and Zak Abdel, are guys that I know well, so there has always been a comfort level. I know so many of the players and I’ve actually been in this camp a number of years working with Bruce, so I know at the beginning of the year you get these players and they haven’t been active in the last couple of months and there is a real challenge to get them fitter and get them back to playing soccer. I’ve seen so many of these things before and what we really emphasize at the end of each one of these camps is that you have a chance to step on the field for 90 minutes. That’s when the spotlight comes on and it shows whether the work in that camp has been good. So, you’re excited when that day comes.”

On positioning Landon Donovan wide right, instead of in the middle:
“It is interesting that we still think in those terms sometimes. I watch so many of the best teams in the world play and they play a 4-4-2 and they tilt their most creative players and most skillful players a little bit to the left or the right, with the freedom to drift inside to find seams. The freedom to move out wide to find space.

“I thought today that in the center of the field, with Ricardo (Clark) and Pablo (Mastroeni) we did a good job of making things hard for them and as the game moves along, it gives players like Justin and Landon (ability) to find some spaces and be creative. I thought that Landon had a really good game. He worked really hard. One of the things you want to do as a coach is judge whether or not you feel like your best players are getting the ball enough in spots where they can make a difference. Even in the first half, I thought Landon got involved right away, so that’s a good sign. It is a testament also to his understanding of the game and his mentality. It’s not like he is saying ‘Why am I playing here?’ He had a good understanding tactically of how we wanted to play today and how we wanted to move. He fit in really well and gave and unselfish (and) top effort.”

On how a performance like this affects your job:
“My job right now is to do the best I can do for U.S. Soccer every day. And part of that at this moment is to find a good way to challenge some of the players who have been around for the last four or eight years, and to introduce some of the younger players into the team and get them some experience and see how the whole thing can work itself out.”

On the first half being a little choppy compared to the second half:
“I thought the first half we had moments where the coordination on the field was fine, but the plays weren’t. I thought we fouled up some simple plays and it seemed we just needed to get some confidence in what we were doing. I thought after they scored we did a pretty good job of coming back quickly and that helped, and the second half was much better.”

U.S. Defender

On his goal:
“We were at about half field and Denmark was attacking us and I saw Justin Mapp kind of breakthrough and win a tackle at midfield. He end up taking the ball down the middle to the right side. When I looked up, there was literally no one in front of me and so I started making the run, and as Mapp kept up his run, slicing and dicing by three or four guys, I saw him breakthrough on the end line. I don’t know how I found myself in the middle of the box. I got in the middle of the six, the left half and the left fullback are on the right side of the field! You couldn’t have designed it any better. I just found myself in the six and he played a perfect ball. It was right to my right foot and it ended up in the back of the net.”

On having his family in attendance:
“It was huge. Once I scored I was wishing my family were in their normal Chivas section because it is right in that corner, but I realized ‘Oh, man, they are way on the other side of the field this time.’ It is funny, because every Chivas goal I’ve ever scored has been on the other side also. I can never score on the side of the field my family is on. It was very special. After the game, I ran over to my dad and gave him my jersey. I told them I was stoked to have them all there. It was a very special moment.”