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Hope Solo's Top-10 Pastimes in China

With the rainy weather in China and the fact that the U.S. hotel is somewhat isolated, there is plenty of downtime after training for the U.S. players at the Four Nations Tournaments. Center Circle asked goalkeeper Hope Solo to list the Top-10 things she does to pass the time in China.

10. Trip to Starbucks
“The Green Tea lattes are even better here in China! It’s about a 20-minute life-threatening taxi ride to the nearest Starbucks, but it’s worth it.”

9. Playing Connect-Four
“I’m the Connect-Four champ. I own Tasha Kai and Bri Scurry.”

8. Snacking
“As usual, the selection of snacks and treats in our snack trunk is world class. Some of my favorites are the pistachios and fruit roll-ups.”

7. Business and pleasure email
“The connection here is really, really slow. It takes forever so most of the time I end up getting too frustrated and just sign off. I’m happy if I get three emails out in a day.”

6. Online shopping
“The bad internet connection is also a downer here, but thank goodness for Nike-By-Mail and Itunes.”

5. Watching Chinese MTV
“There is a lot of good American music, but it’s spliced in between a lot of Chinese pop stars. We amuse ourselves by trying out their dance moves.”

4. Daydream about her man
“This could take up a lot of my time. I have to snap myself out of it so I can watch “24.” Jack Bauer takes second to Adrian.”

3. Play “Fight Night” with goalkeeper coach Phil Wheddon on their PSPs
“I always play with Sugar Ray Leonard. Right now I have to admit we are tied. I’m going to knock him out next bout for sure.”

2. Heated, yet insightful philosophical discussions with roommate Cat Whitehill
“The amazing thing is that I am always right and Cat is always wrong. I don’t know how one person could be right so many times in a row.”

1. Watch episodes of “24”
“So far, I’ve watch the entire Season 5. That’s 24 hours of watching my DVD player. You can see that we have a lot of down time! This often causes a rift with my roommate Cat as we can’t have philosophical discussions when I have my head phones on. Sometimes she makes me take them off so we can talk.”