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2003 Referee Program Registrations

CHICAGO (Wednesday, May 15, 2002) - Beginning with the 2003 referee registrations, we will be utilizing a new registration form. PDF copies of the form are available below. You will notice that there are two forms. One will be sent to re-certifying referees and the other will be for use at new clinics.

The pre-printed form (reg101.pdf) will have all the information that is normally printed on the annual registration form set up in the top right section. The refereeā€™s I.D. number will be printed in the top left section. The area that is boxed in to resemble a label will be the address of the SRA or state office for those states that instruct the referee to mail the form back. That section will say "Do Not Mail" if the form is being distributed at clinics.

If the referee needs to change or correct information that is in the pre-printed section, they should do so by writing the correct information in the appropriate boxes below. Only the correction should be handwritten into the form. There is no need to print any information in the blocks if the pre-printed information shown is correct. All referees must complete section D (formerly section E) and sign the form.

New referees, referees who do not get a pre-printed form or those have lost their form should complete reg100.pdf. New referees should follow standard directions for completing the form. Please continue to request a social security number for new referees. This is still the best way to positively identify a person. They will be assigned a 16-digit I.D. number after they are registered.

The pre-printed forms are scheduled to be printed and mailed in mid-June. Assessor, Instructor and Assignor registrations will follow about two weeks later. There will be a second printing for those referees registered after the information was pulled for the June mailing approximately the third week in August. The forms for new referees will be distributed to states in mid-June.

All new referees registering in 2003 must complete the new form. Please ask your instructors to discontinue using the previous form as soon as the new forms are distributed. Our new scanning program, to be implemented in 2003, will only work with the new forms. Call our office if you have any questions.