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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. Men vs. Cameroon

U.S. MNT Post-Match Quote Sheet
June 23, 2003 - Lyon, France

U.S. Men’s National Team Manager BRUCE ARENA

Do you take some satisfaction by getting a tie in the final game?
“Yes, I think so. As I said the other day, the Confederations Cup has been an invaluable experience for the younger players. We started 20 different players in this tournament. Tonight we had a lineup with some very young players and I think they did very well. It was very good to get a point against the group winner, Cameroon.  Each and every game we improved, so I think it was a positive experience.”

How do you think Kyle Martino played?
“I thought he played very well. I was very impressed with his performance. I wasn’t sure how he was going to take this start, because in the previous two games some of our younger players have been very nervous in the start of the game. Kyle didn’t exhibit that at all, and I think he did a very good job.”

Commenting on the play of the younger players.
“The young guys impressed me. They took advantage of the opportunity and played pretty well.”

Commenting on the play of Tim Howard during the tournament.
“I think Tim was a little tired, but he made a big time save in the second half. I think overall he had an outstanding tournament and I think it will give him a lot of confidence as he moves over the course of his career.”

On what the team got out of the Confederations Cup.
“Overall, I think we can’t schedule games like this against these types of opponents. So, anyway you look at it, our plan was to use these three games as a method of evaluating players and giving them experience. I think we got exactly that. Obviously we are disappointed we are going home, but I’m not disappointed with the experiences we’ve had here in France.”


On his shot that was cleared off the line by Cameroon defender Pierre Njanka.
“Eddie got a toe-poke on it to send it back to me. I was kind of reaching back, but I still got a good hit on it and the defender did well.”

On his overall feelings of the team’s play in the tournament.
“I think we definitely improved through all three games. We definitely didn’t play well the first game, did better against Brazil, and I thought we did pretty well tonight. In the first half we created quite a few chances. Cameroon did well defensively and their goalie made a couple good saves.  As long as we’re improving with this young team, we’re moving in the right direction.”

U.S. Goalkeeper TIM HOWARD

On what he learned most from the tournament.
“I just gained more confidence being able to step on the field, perform and make plays at this level.  It allowed me to just continue to grow as a goalkeeper.”

U.S. Defender and Chevrolet Man of the Match CARLOS BOCANEGRA

What did you think of Cameroon?
“They were very athletic. They came out with a good game plan today and were organized. I felt that we had some good chances, but didn’t finish our opportunities. I think Cameroon will do very well in the next round.”