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U-17 MNT Goalkeeper Zac MacMath

As the U-17 MNT fights through Group B of CONCACAF Final Round Qualifying, we caught up with goalkeeper Zac MacMath...

Who’s your favorite goalkeeper on the full Men’s National Team?
“My favorite right now is probably Tim Howard. My coach, Tim Mulqueen, also coached him and he’s been in Bradenton the past month so I got to be around him and see how he is. He’s a great goalkeeper. I haven’t gotten to talk to him too much, but it’s great to just be around him.”

What other sports did you play growing up?
“I played baseball, recreational basketball and swimming.”

What position in baseball?
“First base.”

Home-run hitter or singles?
“Not much of a hitter at all.”

Favorite NFL football team?
“I’ll probably go with the Philadelphia Eagles.”

How did that happen living your whole life in St. Petersburg, Florida?
“My dad grew up in Philly and he was always a Philly fan. I just grew up watching and liking the Eagles because the Bucs weren’t really great. The Eagles though were always a good team.”

How will the eagles do this season? Give me a prediction.
“Ah, lets just hope they get in the playoffs. If they get in the playoffs, I’ll be happy. Lets just stay with that.”

We saw this on your bio you listed your favorite TV show as “Saved by the Bell.” Is that a joke?
“No, it wasn’t (laughs). We have weight training at 6:45 and get back to our rooms about 8:15, turn on the TV and every day “Saved by the Bell” was on from 8 to 9, when we have practice, so I’d watch it every day. I grew up watching it and it’s just a funny show.”

Who’s your favorite character on the show?
“It’s gotta be Screech.”

What nicknames do you have?
“Zach Attack. Zachster. Zacharoni. Zacharia.”

We’ve heard Big Mac.
“Yea, I kind of came up with that myself. I used to love McDonalds growing up and used to always have Big Macs. I’m big and tall, and my last name is MacMath, so…”

If you could choose to play professionally for any team in the world, who would you pick?
“It would probably be Manchester United because of their legacy, their coaching staff and all of the players that have gone through the system. It just has to be the best team in the world.”

If you didn’t play soccer, what other career path would you like to explore?
“Right before I was with the national team, I was kicking in football. I think I could do well as a kicker or punter.”

What is the longest field goal you’ve kicked?
“I hit a 50-yarder once.”

Give me something you absolutely can not live without?
“Girls (laughs). Girls. It doesn’t matter if they’re my friends or not. Girls, girls, girls.”

Like the song…

How’s your phone bill when your overseas?
“Some of them are calling me, a little bit of texting, too. But it’s mostly online.”

What’s the most difficult thing about being a goalkeeper?
“Staying in tune with the game when it’s either a boring game and aren’t doing anything.”

You have a routine for penalty kicks?
“I just keep going back and forth. I haven’t saved a PK this whole year probably. I keep on trying to find a way to figure out guys by looking at feet, eyes, shoulder, anything.”

Any superstitions?
“No. To be honest, I don’t have any.”

Pretty much the exact opposite of your teammate and fellow goalkeeper Josh Lambo.
“Yea. Him and I always talk about superstitions. I actually try and help him get rid of his superstitions.”

Thanks for joining us.
“No problem.”