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Post-Match Quotes: U.S. Under-17 WNT 2, Japan 3

U.S. head coach Kazbek Tambi
On the match:
“It’s our first game, but we give the Japanese credit for playing a great game and getting the result against us. We have a good role model back home in our women’s Olympic Team. They had a setback in the first game of the Olympics and came back and won a gold, so our aim is to follow their footsteps.”

On what he takes away from the match:
“It was an OK performance, but I think we can do a lot better. In the second half, I thought things started getting better for us, but when we took their second goal, it kind of swung against us again. But the kids are young, it’s a great learning experience and we hope to take this experience, the good and bad, and move on to game two and have a very strong performance.”

On what his team can improve on against Paraguay:
“We need to take better care of the ball. I thought we turned the ball over way too much today, especially in the first half and at the tail end of the game. Secondly, from a defensive viewpoint, we gave the Japanese too much space to work with especially when they got into our half of the field, so that’s another issue we need to square away. Again, it was game one for a young crew in a World Cup and I think they’ve gotten the butterflies and the nervousness out of the system and hopefully we can move on and do a lot better in games two and three.”

On the mood of the team after the game:
“They’re upset. It was a tough game and anytime you take a loss in a World Cup game it’s not a happy thing.”

On Japan:
“They are very, very technical team. They have 10 players plus a goalkeeper who are all very proficient on the ball. I thought they had a great first half and put us under pressure.”

U.S. midfielder Mandy Laddish
On the match:
“It was disappointing, and we’re pretty down right now, but we don’t want to linger on this game. We are going to keep our chins up and look to the next two games we have coming up. We just need to pick up our game and get two wins.”

On Japan:
“They were really, really good in the midfield and their touches were excellent so it was really hard to keep track of them. At halftime, we knew we needed to mark up better and give them less space to work with and we had played a better second half overall.”

U.S. defender Cloee Colohan
On looking forward:
“We have to win to advance, but we look at the full team at the Olympics and how they lost to Norway and you know what? They just came out even harder. We need to do the same thing and we’ll be fine.”

U.S. defender Erika Tymrak
On the match:
“Japan was really good and we were expecting a hard match, but in the next games we need to play more to our strengths and we’ll be fine. We need to calm down, pass it, and keep possession and then attack when we can. Instead of trying to force it and play long balls as that’s not really our game.”

On looking forward:
“Of course it’s hard because we just lost the game, but we have enough courage on this team to rebound from the disappointment and do much better in the next two games.”