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Preview: AGM Set for March 4 in NYC

As part of our continuing effort to service and educate our membership, each Thursday U.S. Soccer will provide an informative article from one of its departments. Once a week, we bring you an article/paper/essay that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of the game of soccer - on and off the field.

This month the Membership Services Department previews U.S. Soccer’s 2004 Annual General Meeting in New York City beginning March 4.

2004 Annual General Meeting Preview

CHICAGO (Thursday, Jan. 29, 2004) – Entering its 91st year, U.S. Soccer will be hosting its 2004 Annual General Meeting from March 4 to March 7 in New York City.

The AGM serves as U.S. Soccer’s national meeting with all constituents from the youth, adult, professional and athlete councils. Representatives from each of these councils use the four-day event to discuss administrative issues, to review and vote on rule changes, and to elect new officers.

"Over the course of our nearly century-long history, U.S. Soccer's Annual General Meeting has always been a great way for our membership to meet face-to-face and share ideas," said U.S. Soccer President Dr. S. Robert Contiguglia. "Those that attend the AGM are there to be heard, and this type of open forum allows every voice in the U.S. Soccer family to share an opinion and initiate change."

The U.S. Soccer Board of Directors also holds a Board of Directors meeting at the AGM. The 40-person board will meet on Friday, March 5 to consider policy changes and conduct the normal business of the Board of Directors. Other meetings taking place include Athlete Council, U.S. Soccer Foundation Board of Directors, Regional Youth and Adult meetings, and the annual meetings of the U.S. Adult Soccer Associations and US Youth Soccer.

One of the highlights of the AGM will be the Cocktail Reception and Anniversary Dinner on Friday night. The keynote speaker will be Angelo Pizzo, the writer of the film “The Game of Their Lives” as well as “Hoosiers” and “Rudy.” Based on the book by Geoffrey Douglas, the “The Game of Their Lives” (set to debut this year) chronicles the true story of the American World Cup soccer team who pulled off one of the sporting world’s most stunning upsets by defeating the powerhouse English in the 1950 World Cup. The dinner will also feature and exclusive preview of the movie for U.S. Soccer’s members.

Concluding the AGM, the National Council Meeting will be held on Sunday, March 7 and is expected to be attended by more than 550 people. The largest meeting of the week includes a review of bylaw changes, an affirmation of Federation policies adopted since the 2003 AGM, the ratification of the 2005 Fiscal Year budget and Lifetime Member approval for Hank Steinbrecher.

Two elected officials, Executive Vice President and Treasurer are up for election in 2004, as well as three at-large U.S. Soccer Foundation Board members.

Generally, soccer administrators from all 50 states attend the AGM, with ages varying from 25 to 75. Historically, attendances range from 500 to 900 depending on the location of the meeting.

In 2003, more than 550 constituents attended the AGM in Chicago, the location of the Federation’s headquarters. A special tour was arranged for U.S. Soccer family members to see U.S. Soccer’s offices at Soccer House. After being held from August 13-16 last year, the meeting date was changed to late winter.

Dates and Locations of Annual General Meetings
1991 Detroit
1992 New Orleans
1993 Boston
1994 San Diego
1995 Cincinnati
1996 Arlington, Va.
1997 Orlando, Fla.
1998 Maui, Hawaii
1999 Louisville, Ky.
2000 New York
2001 Atlanta
2002 San Francisco
2003 Chicago
2004 New York