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YNT Impact in MLS Discussion

Starting in late March, Center Circle e-magazine will transform from the once-a-month newsletter on, becoming an interactive page that will be updated on a regular basis with new features on all the U.S. National Teams. All your favorite CC sections will still be available, such as Armchair Midfielder, In 3s and You Don’t Know Jack (Marshall) trivia, mixed in with more podcast interviews, new video segments, a chance for you to rant opinions and ask questions, and much, much more.

Our little Center Circle baby is all grown up. Come check it out.


As part of our new Center Circle format, we’re bringing back an old section we veered away from the past couple years – Point/Counterpoint. In this playful piece, we pose a question or make a statement about something in soccer that will be pondered by YOU, the reader, before eloquently writing your thoughts in a proper and mild-mannered way. Ah, who are we kidding? This is a forum for you to disagree, argue, rant, rave and basically release those opinions you hold so dear on the world’s game. No more talking heads giving safe, politically correct answers. Those days are over. Instead, we’ve opened the floor to everyone out there in Cyberland to throw in their two cents. We want to hear from you people!

You’ve read our explanations on which of the YNT players will have a more successful campaign during their rookie season in this edition of Armchair Midfielder. Maybe you think we were way off on our assumption that Jacob Peterson won’t get much time to prove his worth. Or maybe you think Man Child is overrated and will end up hardly playing in his rookie campaign.

What ever your thoughts, write ‘em down and send ‘em to In March on our new Center Circle page, we’ll post the best of the best and bow to those of you out there smarter than us (yeah, right!).