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w/ WNT/U-21 WNT defender Cat Reddick

Off-the-wall Questions and Answers, Queries and Anecdotes from U.S. Under-21 Women's National Team star defender Cat Reddick.

Cat Reddick loves futbol AND football.  In fact, she hails from SEC country -- Alabama, to be exact -- and has some very strong opinions concerning the pigskin.  The rising junior at UNC, who is the only player from Alabama to earn a cap on the full U.S. Women's National Team, shares some of those frank views in this month's edition of Queries and Anecdotes.

Center Circle: Just how big is college football season in the Reddick household?
Cat Reddick: "In a word: huge.  Every Saturday, everything stops so we can watch our football teams.  We gather around our TV in our living room, unless there are two important games on, then we put one on downstairs and you can choose which game you want to watch.  There is no channel surfing on college football Saturday's at the Reddicks.  And, if the game happens not to be on TV, we gather around the radio."

CC: You must tell me one thing: How can a self-respecting native of Alabama be a fan of either the Florida Gators or the Georgia Bulldogs?
CR: "That's a simple one.  My mom went to Florida, my dad went to Georgia, and I grew up bleeding Gator orange and Georgia red.  I never cheered for Alabama.  I'd rather see Auburn win than Alabama and my sister goes to Auburn, which means I hate seeing Auburn win too.  If Georgia and Florida would meet in the BCS championship game, I would be a happy Cat.  Of course, it might cause a civil war in my house."

CC: Are you old enough to remember the great Herschel Walker or is Emmitt Smith your running back of choice?
CR: "Herschel is the man.  Even though he was playing before I was born, my dad has transferred the legend that was Herschel to me.  I heard one time in high school, Herschel ran over eight guys on his way to the end zone, then ran back, helped each guy to his feet and told them he'd be back in a minute."

CC: What exactly is a Crimson Tide? And name four other Division I-A football schools that have a mascot name NOT ending in an 's':
CR: "To be honest, I have no idea what a Crimson Tide is.  I know there was a submarine movie by that name, but like I said, I'm not an Alabama fan.  As far as other football teams that don't end in 's', I'll go with the Stanford Cardinal, Tulane Green Wave, the Marshall Thundering Herd and the Dartmouth Big Green."

CC: When you're a grandma down the road, are you still going to be Cat to the grandkids? Maybe Cathy? Catherine?
CR: "No, I think I'll be grandma Catherine and tell tales of the days when I played for the USA with Jena Kluegel, Hope Solo and Aly Wagner."

CC: Not to discount your illustrious high school basketball career, but are there really that many good basketball players in Alabama?
CR: "Are you kidding me?  We are a feeding state to all the big-time programs.  We have what you call ATHLETES in Alabama.  We send girls to Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Auburn and all the SEC schools."

CC: Word is that you're a Birmingham Belle? Explain that for our readers at home?
CR: "You wear those big hoop skirts that you've seen in 'Gone with the Wind' and you go to a big plantation home in Birmingham and you’re presented with all your social, community and athletic accomplishments. Then you have to curtsy in front of all your family and friends to prove that you are a true Southern Belle.  I think that's the first and last time and time I wore a hoop dress and had to curtsy."

CC: What are the best and worst places you've visited in your national team travels?
CR: "The worst, by far, was Bulgaria, with the U-18's.  It was gray all the time, there was nothing to do and the food was terrible.  The best was Paris with the U-21's.  It is absolutely gorgeous there, very
picturesque and just a fun city."

CC: Speaking of your extensive history with international soccer, is there any U.S. Women's National Team level that you haven't played on?
CR: "I never played for the Under-14 Development Team, but I think that when I was 12 and 13 U.S. Soccer did not know that we were playing the game in Alabama."

CC: Is UNC still the team to beat in college soccer, or are those days of the past?
CR: "Days of the past? Ouch.  I can't believe anyone is questioning 'The Dynasty'.  There are a lot of good teams out there, but I think we will always be the team to beat."

CC: So are you staying in school or have you thought about jumping to the WUSA?
CR: "I'm pretty sure I'm going to stay in school.  I value my education and if I leave, it would be really difficult to come back because I would be having too much fun in the WUSA."

CC: Who's funnier on the WNT than Julie Foudy? If the answer is nobody, who will fill the Loudy Foudy role on the next generation of World Cup stars?
CR: "Aly Wagner and Jena Kluegel are funny girls.  Those two have me rolling every single trip.  I am not sure if anyone can ever take over from Foudy, but if those two work hard, polish their comedic timing and don't mature at all, they have a chance."

CC: Who's hotter? Landon Donovan, David Beckham or Francesco Totti?
CR: "All three are hot, but it's commonly known that I will be marrying David Beckham when he realizes that Posh Spice can't hit a free-kick like I can."

CC: You're the only WNT player whose hometown is in Alabama to earn a cap for the full team. Do you know which current WNT teammate was born in Selma, Alabama?
CR: "Umm ... yeah ... Mia Hamm of course.  Where else would the greatest player in women's soccer history be from?"

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