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Players' Favorite Moments Off the Field

Defender Cat Reddick
"Hanging out in the players' lounge is a lot of fun.  Maybe the best moment was when Kylie, Aly and I were watching "Survivor" together and we saw Aly's boyfriend's ex-girlfriend become the first person to get kicked off."

Defender Brandi Chastain
"Probably flying on the charter flight to Columbus.  Everyone had such a good time.  It was kind of like Christmas morning.  Everyone was just so excited and giddy.  Everyone was just so happy to be treated so well.  We felt like rock stars."

"A mom and her daughter ran up to me at the mall (in Columbus) and asked breathlessly, 'Are you Brandi Chastain'. I said I was, and she said, 'Mom, I told you so!'  We came all the way from Florida to see this game!'"

Defender Danielle Slaton
"The hour we spent making up the script for our skit to make fun of the veterans who have been to multiple World Cups.  That was more fun than the skit itself."

Midfielder Kristine Lilly
"When we played a team building game before the tournament where we had to catch the other team and attach clothes pins to their clothes.  It was basically clothespin tag and Julie Foudy was running around with clothespins all over her body.  She looked like she had wrested with the clothes line and lost."

Forward Shannon MacMillan
"Before the tournament when we were watching all the videos that our families sent, full of good lucks, emotional words and support."

Defender Christie Pearce
"When we were in Philadelphia and my husband Chris and my dog Tiger game to visit me.  It's only about an hour and a half from Point Pleasant.  Tiger was really happy to see me.  Chris was too."

Forward Tiffeny Milbrett
"When the rookies made fun of the veterans before a team meeting.  The best was when Aly Wagner parodied April.  It was exactly what we needed at the time.  A good laugh."

Midfielder Julie Foudy
"Lying on my couch on the team flights and reading the paper and a few books."
Editors Note: With 235 caps, Foudy gets the couch on the team charter.

Midfielder Tiffeny Roberts
"Seeing my boyfriend Tim in Columbus and having his 83-year-old grandma come to the game.  I also went shopping with Lorrie Fair in Philly and we bought WAY too many clothes.  I had to give it to Tim to take home.  He brought an extra empty bag just to take back my clothes."