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Post Game Quote Sheet: USA 2, Honduras 1

On the first goal by Honduras:
“Ricardo gave me the ball. My first option was to look forward, and I didn’t have anybody. I probably should have kicked the ball up the field, but I lost it – sometimes that happens. They countered well, and scored a good goal, but I feel like I made up for it with the assist to Carlos.”

On how the team responded after falling behind:
“We responded well. We have a lot of fight in our team and we showed that tonight. We just need to do a better job playing on the road, and I think we'll be alright.”

On getting a result tonight:
“It was good. We had obviously been frustrated with the last result because we didn’t play well and then we gave up an early goal. I think we showed a lot of character fighting back and getting the one to pull us ahead, and now were still in a good position to qualify.”

On Carlos Bocanegra’s winning goal:
“He did a great job. He’s someone that is always sniffing around the box, and throughout his career he has shown that he can score goals no matter where he's been, and it was great for us. He's our captain and leads by example. It was good for us to get the win.”

U.S. midfielder RICARDO CLARK
On helping the team win:
“I just wanted to come in and make as big an impact as possible and help the team recover from a bad loss last week. I thought I did well, I thought the team did well and I was glad to be a part of that.”

On responding after going down a goal early:
“I think the whole team knew that we had the game in our hands. We responded well, and we were thinking positively the whole time, and I just knew that we were going to come back.”

On his play to clear the ball off the goal line:
“It’s all about reacting in those situations, especially in that part of the field. You want to be sharp when the ball pops out to you and that’s what I did, just doing my job.”


“It was a really important win. I think the nice thing about the two games in succession is that we were able to put right the things that went wrong Wednesday night in Costa Rica. We were all happy this game came around so quickly.”

U.S. defender JAY DEMERIT
How the defense played tonight:
“We stayed solid as a back four and that ultimately helped us keep the lead.”

The challenge of going into such a high pressure game quickly and unexpectedly:
“You get to the point where you are just watching the game. You're warming up to make sure you are ready, but in my position it is usually through injury that you get a sub. Carlos went down and you have to do what’s necessary, and that is come on and try to seal the defense. To come on and be able to do that is a great feeling.”

How he felt he played tonight:
“It’s always nice to get an opportunity, coming into that kind of energy in a game isn’t always easy but I think for the most part there are areas where I’ll look back at the tape and make sure that the things I did do were the right things. You need to look at that and make sure that the next time you come in you stay solid again.”

On the defense:
“At the end of the day we are defenders and our main job is to keep the ball out of our net. I think as a back four we did that tonight and came out with the right result.”

How it feels to get the win:
“It’s a fantastic feeling for us because there was some pressure on us. After that Costa Rica performance, it was important for us to come back and perform well tonight. To go 1-0 down was disappointing but again, just like in El Salvador, we showed character to come back. We showed the type of character that got us to the top of this division. We need to make sure that lasts because ultimately it is all about the World Cup and we took another step closer tonight.”

On playing in Chicago:
“It’s always special. Chicago is a special place for me. Chicago is where I learned to play soccer. Coming from Green Bay, I didn’t necessarily grow up as a soccer player but I learned how to be a professional and the skills I needed to make it as a pro. I hold this place special to my heart. You have 45-50 people in the stands cheering you on, and then when you do make it on [the field] they are there. It’s a great feeling to get on the field, and it makes it just a little more special.”

U.S. midfielder LANDON DONOVAN
On the start of the game:
“It’s a bit of a shame that we gave up that goal. It was a good response.”

On whether he was thinking about being aggressive:
“When I come here, that’s always my goal. The guys did a good job of getting me the ball in good spots. Not every play came off but we put them under a lot of pressure.”

On how important emotionally the comeback win was for the team after the loss to Costa Rica:
“Emotionally or not, the reality is that this is for the World Cup…”

On the significance of going to South Africa for the 2009 FIFA Confederations Cup:
“It’s a good test for us. It’s going to be a good taste of what the World Cup is going to be like so we’re going to try to take advantage of that by playing three very good teams.”

U.S. goalkeeper TIM HOWARD
On being down a goal so early for the second consecutive game:
“We can’t keep doing that to ourselves, you know. But overall, if you look at the game over 90 minutes I thought we were very, very good. Again, it’s something that you want to look at. It’s something we can overanalyze and dissect, but it’s just more about being switched on from the start.”

On the team’s response after Landon Donovan converted the penalty and in the second half:
“We created a bunch of chances in the first half - well, half chances - and got the penalties. Benny Feilhaber came on, and I thought he was tremendous. In terms of the tempo, it was one of those things where we just keep reminding each other, ‘keep going, keep going.’ I didn’t think they could live with the tempo we had. Every time, we just kept playing the ball forward. That causes people problems and Benny was the catalyst for us because his touch was good. He was making clean passes.”

On the fans:
“I think Sam’s Army and the people that do support us, we appreciate that. We can hear them during the games. We really can’t control the number of fans we have at our games, all we can do is appreciate the ones we have and try to play our hardest for them.”

On the importance of the equalizing goal at halftime:
“It was definitely a big lift, especially since we dominated most of the first half without scoring a goal. I think that goal right before half put us on even ground right when we needed that one.”