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U.S.-Brazil Postmatch Quotes

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY
On the match:
“It was a tough one. Obviously, a good first half, but we give up the first goal so early in the second half that we put ourselves in a tough spot.”

On giving up a goal so early in the second half:
“That really hurt. But again, Fabiano just makes a good turn and I think it goes through DeMerit’s legs. It’s just a tough one to take so early in the half.”

On how proud he is of his team:
“Extremely proud. We continue to try to move ourselves forward. Playing these kinds of games only helps, but it still feels pretty lousy to let this one get away.”

On if the result earns a new respect for U.S. Soccer:
“I hope so. I think people around the world see that we have a good team, we have good players and hopefully we can continue to step forward.”

U.S. midfielder LANDON DONOVAN
On the match
“It’s disappointing because we started the game really well and put them on their heels which most teams don’t do against Brazil. Though they had some chances, we went into the half at 2-0 and felt good about it. Then, a series of good plays by them – maybe we fell a little bit asleep – and a good goal and they’re right back in the game. So from that point on it was going to be tough. They put us under a lot of pressure and eventually they just wore us down. “

On giving up the 2-0 lead:
“Yeah, we’re disappointed. To give up the goal so fast in the second half hurts. Give them credit. They kept coming wave after wave and they probably deserved it in the end.”

On facing a relentless Brazilian attack:
“It’s difficult. You look around at their players and your realize why they are worth so much and why they play at the teams they play, but it’s disappointing when we gave such a good effort today.

On his goal:
“Ricardo played me a good pass it in the middle. I gave it to Charlie and he did a good job getting it back to me and then I just did the rest from there.”

On if the USA’s run in the tournament gained respect for U.S. Soccer:
“Hopefully, but we’re at the point where we don’t want respect, we want to win. There’s no guarantee that we ever get back to a final game like this so it’s disappointing.”

On the overall effort throughout the tournament
“You don’t want today to damper what we did through the whole tournament. I’m very proud of everybody and I think we all feel good about what we did. Unfortunately today, we just ran up against a machine and they just kept going and found a way to win. But, I think we’re all really proud of how we did.”

On the expectations of the players and what that means in terms of the team’s progression:
“Well we’re making progress and we said after the Egypt game it’s not good enough to just show up against Spain and lay down and say ‘Oh, we made it to the semis.’ We proved ourselves and did well and today we said the same thing. It’s not good enough to just show up and get beat the way we did last week against Brazil. So from that standpoint, we did an incredible job of getting the first two goals. But again, they were just too powerful in the end.”

On taking the experience into further competitions:
“This is a massive learning experience and you always hope to do the most learning when you win but you probably learn more by losing. If we’re smart and we take what we should from this game, we can progress; and that’s what we’re trying to do.”

U.S. goalkeeper and Golden Glove Winner Tim Howard
On the match:
“It’s a mix of emotions. I think the match went fairly well for quite a while, but when you play a team like Brazil, they’re the best team in the world for the last 50 years because they do the type of things that they did to us today. Sometimes you have to give credit to the opponent; it’s not always as easy to look and pick mistakes from you own side. Obviously that helps, but sometimes you just have to take your hat off and say we got beat by a better team.”

On the team’s performance against Brazil:
“Leading up to the game we showed a lot of heart, a lot of character. The coaching staff talked to us about making sure we started out the game right and I think we did a really good job. We gave them everything they could handle, took a 2-0 lead and deserved every piece of that lead. I think the guys that are in our locker room tonight can be proud because we gave a great effort.”

On the experience they take away from playing in the tournament:
“We played Brazil twice, Italy, Spain…next year’s World Cup is going to get much harder than that, and if it does, then we’ve upset somebody. It was really tough on us, but we fought through it. We hope that the experiences that we got from the last three weeks down here, particularly on the field will carry over next year if and when we get down here.”

U.S. defender and Captain Carlos Bocanegra
On his thoughts after tonight's match:
"It's a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster. We were really high on the first half, but then to lose the game at the end like that is disappointing. I’m just proud of the guys, we worked hard. It’s a long tournament and we stuck it out. Today, Brazil just had too many guys that can change a game. Give credit to them, they came back and had a great second half. But we’re proud of our effort and we gave it all we had, we ran out of gas a little bit towards the end of the game, that’s just how it went today."

On how proud he is of the team:
"We’ve had a long summer together, starting back with the qualifiers. We’ve been together quite awhile, building towards something. A lot of guys had great tournaments, it’s been a really good group effort, so we can be proud of that. We made it to the finals, we lost to Brazil who is no easy team to beat. I think the guys were proud, we’ve showed that by beating Spain and beating Egypt to get here and out there we gave Brazil all we had and tonight it just wasn’t enough."

On turning this disasppointment into inspiration for qualifying:
"This disappointment’s going to be here for awhile. But it’ll go away, and what we can take away from this is the confidence that we played so well against the big teams here. This is a difficult tournament, we did well here and got to the finals and we showed that we belong. We’re not just going to be a pushover in the World Cup when we come down here."

On the effort of the younger guys:
"We have two guys under 21 running the front line up there for us, and they gave everything they had. It was a really good feeling to see them blossom as the tournament went on, and obviously some of the other guys around them. Everyone's work rate and the fight and desire to keep going when we were tired, when we were down—it was special. "

U.S. midfielder and Bronze Ball Winner Clint Dempsey
On the match:
"Everything doesn’t always work out how you want it to, but no matter what I’m proud of what these guys accomplished and it was great to be a part of it."

On how they shut down Brazil in the first half:
"We picked our moments of when to get forward, did a good job of hitting them on the counter with Landon’s goal. Second half we still had some good chances, but they were the better team."

On the goal he scored in the tenth minute:
"Spector hit a good ball in, I just wanted to get it towards goal and try to hit it to the far post, and lucky enough it trickled in."

On the performance of the team:
“I’m proud of this team, proud of the effort everyone put in. Nobody can take away what we accomplished. I thought we played well today and gave them a tough fight, would have been nice if we could have kept the lead but they were the better team and had more chances, and eventually you knew a goal would come.”