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2004 Yearbooks are In

In a new piece for 2004, we engage in some shameless self-promotion by spotlighting a different U.S. Soccer product each month, from the newest, state-of-the-art Nike apparel to all kinds of other exclusive U.S. Men’s & Women’s merch.

With the home schedule heating up for both the U.S. Men’s and Women’s National Teams, two of the hot items at the souvenir stands in the stadiums are the MNT and WNT Yearbooks.

Both yearbooks are new and improved for 2004, increased to 9x12 in size with higher quality paper and color throughout the book. But aside from the snappy new look and other aesthetics, the content has grown by leaps and bounds.

Instead of the boring old bios that were uniform in appearance and filled with all facts and no fun, the new bios have been expanded and reshaped to include funny and unique excerpts from past "Center Circle" issues to complement a list of each player’s career highlights.

The MNT Yearbook is now the only place where you can find out what five TV shows are regularly TiVoed by Bruce Arena, while the WNT Yearbook is perhaps the only place you can find out what April’s five favorite books are.

Both yearbooks also feature a special two-page timeline poster. For the women, it documents the 20-year history of the program, illustrating both the triumphs and questionable hairstyles of the team you know and love, from Michelle’s first goal in U.S. history in 1985 to Mia’s mullet (circa 1987) to the team’s dynasty in the 90s. For the men, it specifically looks at the Arena Era, from his coaching debut where he began the careers of Clint Mathis and Chris Armas, to the incredible quarterfinal finish at Korea/Japan 2002, to Bruce’s first win in Europe earlier this year.

Also new for 2004 is a back page where you can remember a specific match by writing in the U.S. starting lineup and recording the goal scorers and final result—sort of a baseball scorecard for soccer, but fun and less labor-intensive. And last but not least, there are at least two pie charts in each yearbook. Who doesn’t love them some pie charts?

To pick up the Men’s National Team Yearbook, click here:

For the WNT book, click here:

Table of Contents

1.  Armchair Midfielder: Ramblings, Rants & Random Thoughts
2.  In 3’s: MNT defender Steve Cherundolo
3.  Gear Galore: National Team Yearbooks are In
4.  Queries & Anecdotes: MNT Forward Jovan Kirovski
5.  Mark That Calendar: U-19 WNT CONCACAF Qualifying - 5/28-6/6
6.  Superstar!!!: U-17 Residency Graduates
7.  Fan Point/Counterpoint: U.S. WNT Forwards in Athens
8.  You Don’t Know Jack (Marshall): U-19 WNT Trivia

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