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U-17 WNT Training Journal from New Zealand

CoachesNet caught up with U.S. Under-17 Women's National Team assistant coach Mike Dickey during the World Cup in New Zealand. For this CoachesNet Insider addition Coach Dickey shows us the training journal the team used for the first few days in camp prior to their opening match with Japan on October 30, 2008.

U.S. U-17 Women’s World Cup Training Journal
Hamilton, New Zealand

October 25, 2008
The team arrived into New Zealand after approximately 24 hours of travel and checked into a hotel in Hamilton, NZ.

Afternoon training

  • Dynamic warm-up without a ball.
  • 15-20 minutes in multiple 8 by 8 grids.
  • Groups of 5. Technical passing using both feet. Pass and follow direction of pass.
  • 3v1 keep-away while juggling ball in the air. Unlimited touch.
  • 3v1 keep-away. Passes on the ground. 1 touch restriction.
  • 2v1 keep-away. Unlimited touch.
  • 9v9 half field possession.
    • 3 touch restriction.
    • 4 gates located at four corners of the field.
    • Point given for ball played through gate to teammate.
    • Point given for 10 consecutive passes.

Defensive Players

  • Defending clearances in the box without pressure.
  • 2v2 defensive clearances. Focus on technique with pressure.

Goalkeeper Training

Focus on handling crosses and footwork.

Attacking Players and Goalkeepers

  • Combination finishing in front of the goal in groups of 2 and 3.
  • Flank service, runs in the box and finishing.
    • 3 Teams of 7.
  • 2 of the teams play 5 minute game to big goals and the other team continues to work on finishing.
  • Cool down and stretch.
  • Return to hotel.

October 26, 2008

Morning training

  • Dynamic warm-up without the ball.
  • Passing in pairs.
  • 2v1 unlimited touch in 8 by 8 grids.
  • Groups of 4 with one ball on half of the field.
    • Team worked on switching point of attack.
    • Ground passes.
    • Flighted passes and receiving flighted balls.
  • 10v10 half field.
    • 4 goal game.
    • 3 touch restriction in own half.
    • Unlimited touch in opponents half.
    • All teammates must be in opponents half for score to count.
  • Offensive restarts (corners, direct/indirect free kicks).
  • Cool down and stretch.
  • Return to hotel.

Afternoon training

  • Dynamic warm-up with ball (pairs juggling, passing with movement (sideways, backwards, and forwards). Gradually increase difficulty level.
  • Dribbling tag game. 11 v. 11 in 20 by 20 grids. 11 with balls and 11 without.
  • 11v11 intra squad game for 60 minutes.
    • Included live rehearsal of (defensive/attacking corners, free kicks).
    • Penalty kick shootout at the end.


  • Shots from outside the 18 yard box.
  • Parrying ball out of play.
  • Long distance Distribution while under pressure. Both feet and heading the ball.
  • Angle play for shots from distance 35 yards and in.
  • Crossing (communication, ball handling, boxing).
  • Cool down and stretch.
  • Return to hotel.

October 27, 2008

Morning training

  • 2 to a ball dynamic warm-up. Passing and juggling with touch restrictions.
  • 1v1 using 2 cones 5 yards apart. Working on lateral movement and fakes.
  • 4v4 tournament.
    • 6 minute games with small goals.
  • 5v5 possession (3 touch, 2 touch limit).
  • Finishing (different surfaces, power, volleys and scoring from different angles)
  • 7v7 games.
    • 6 minute games to big goals.

Goalkeeper training

  • Fitness with ball.
  • 60 second – shot repetition from variety of angles.
  • Reading touch of breakaways.
  • Shot stopping/reaction saves.
  • Cool down and stretch.
  • Return to hotel.

There was no afternoon training. The team met with FIFA officials regarding tournament rules. The team also had a meeting with Head of Officials for the tournament and watched a video on laws of the game.

October 28, 2008

Morning Training

  • Short-Medium-Long range passing warm-up. Worked on flighted and driven balls.
  • Individual breakaways to goal.
  • Breakaways versus 1 defender chasing player with ball to goal.
  • Defender serves long ball to attacker in the air. Attacker receives ball in the air and then proceeds to go 1v1 to goal.
  • Same as above. 2v1 to goal. 2 attackers and 1defender plus a goalkeeper.
  • 2v2 to goal.
  • 4 Goal game – Half field.
    • 9 versus 9 with 3 touch restriction in defensive half, unlimited in attacking half.
    • All players must get over half for score to count.
  • 11 v. 11 on 80 yard long field.


  • Breakaways.
  • Dealing with service coming from own end line.
  • Decision making exercises.
  • Cool down and stretch.
    Return to hotel.

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