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U.S. Youth National Team Notes - March 10, 2004

With five U.S. Soccer Youth National Teams conducting training camps at the IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla., this week, a large contingent of possible future full MNT and WNT players will be on display in the Sunshine State.

On the men’s side, the Under-18, Under-15 and the Under-17 Men’s National Teams will be playing games against each other, local clubs and formidable university squads. On the women’s side, the Under-16 and Under-17 Women’s National Teams will face international competition in the form of the Under-17 national teams of Germany and Canada.

With all four YNTs playing games throughout the week, will provide results and special features on the teams and individual players to give fans a chance to get to know more about U.S. Soccer’s youth programs.

On tap for Thursday are two Youth National Team matches as the Under-15 Men’s National Team, which is coming off a good performance against in a loss to the U-17 MNT, will play the U-17 IMG. It will be another match against older competition for the U-15s, but they’re looking forward to it getting back on the winning track. The other match will be another battle for bragging rights as the Under-17 Women’s National Team will face off against the U-16 Girls’ National Team. Last year, the only loss the U-17s endured was to the U-16 GNT, a 4-3 loss in their first match of the year. While this won’t be a revenge match (the U-16s from last year are obviously the U-17s this year), it will be difficult for this U-16s to pull off the upset as the U-17s don’t want to be on the losing side this year.

U-18 MNT DEFEAT VIRGINIA 4-1: After falling to the University of Notre Dame on Tuesday, the U.S. Under-18 Men’s National Team bounced back to defeat the University of Virginia 3-1 this morning (Wednesday) at IMG Academy in Bradenton, Fla. Christian Jimenez, Mike Grella, Danny Szetela and Charlie Davies scored for the U-18s, who will have one final game against the U.S. Under-17 ‘88s on Friday, March 12 to finish up their second camp of the year. Click here for the full game report:

REVIEW OF GAMES, REST OF SCHEDULE: Halfway through the week, all five YNTs have played matches, with opponents ranging from college teams, local clubs, and international teams. Plus, there’s also been the occasional match between each other. Below is a list of results from the week and a schedule of games to come:

U-18 MNT
Date                  Opponent                              Result        U.S. Goal Scorers
March 9            University of Notre Dame       0-3 L   
March 10          University of Virginia              4-1 W       Jimenez, Grella, Szetela, Davies
Date                  Opponent                              Time (ET)
March 10          University of Virginia              11:30 a.m.
March 12          U-17 MNT                            3:30 p.m.

U-17 ’88 MNT
Date                 Opponent               Result    U.S. Goal Scorers
March 9           U-15 MNT             2-1 L     Stephens, Hall
Date                 Opponent               Time (ET)
March 12         U-18 MNT             3:30 p.m.
March 13         U-17 Renegades     10 a.m.
U-15 MNT

Date                 Opponent                          Result    U.S. Goal Scorers
March 9           U-17 ’88 MNT                 1-2 L    Giallambardo
Date                 Opponent                          Time (ET)
March 11         IMG U-17                         4:30 p.m.
March 12         Clearwater Chargers          4 p.m.
March 13         Boca Juniors (local club)    10 a.m.

U-17 WNT
Date                 Opponent                Result      U.S. Goal Scorers

March 7            IMG U-18              5-0 W     Siegel, Cheney, Rossie, Rodriguez (2)
March 9            Canada                   5-2 W     Moore, Currie (3), Bosio
Date               Opponent                  Time (ET)
March 11       U-16 WNT               11 a.m.
March 12       Germany U-17           2 p.m.

U-16 WNT
Date                 Opponent                  Result    U.S. Goal Scorers
March 9           Germany U-17          2-0 W    McDonald, Washington
Date                 Opponent                 Time (ET)
March 11         U-17 WNT              11 a.m.
March 12         Canada U-17           1 p.m.
Click here for full match reports from March 9:

During the U.S. Under-17 WNT match against Canada on Tuesday, there were a number of people watching from the sideline, some more closely than others. Throughout the crowd were numerous college coaches taking notes on players as they probably knew some of the best high school players would all be in one place, saving them money on scouring the nation to see the elite players. There were about 8-10 college coaches at the match, easily picked out as most wore sweatshirts and jackets with their school logos and colors prominently shown.

Jules is back, but this may have been his toughest assignment to date as he interviewed the lively, cute and goal-scoring U-17 Women’s National Team forward Amy Rodriguez. Jules admitted he didn’t know much about any of the women’s national team programs, but quickly found out as Amy explained how she got picked for the U-17s, what the team does during their camps, and how its different than high school soccer. He also found out some of her likes and dislikes, if she had a boyfriend and if she was intimidated by his good looks. Yes, Jules actually asked her that, so read on to find out her answer.  

Two former U-17 ’86 players, Corey Ashe and Drew Harrison, will be joining in the U-17 ‘88s practices the next couple days. Harrison is in Bradenton with the University of Virginia, and will be staying to hang out in the warm Florida sun as the rest of the Virginia team goes back home. Ashe has been here since the beginning of the week as it is UNC’s spring break and he came back to Bradenton to hang out with his girlfriend, who is a student in IMG’s golf program. 

“Why didn’t you just open the back door?”
    -- Corey Ashe, after Stephen Sandbo crawled from the front seat of a four-door car to the back seat, thinking it was only a two-door car.