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Dartfish to Provide Video Analysis Software for U.S. Soccer

Dartfish ATLANTA (Wednesday, November 20, 2002) – Dartfish, a worldwide company developing the latest in sports training software to visualize and analyze technical performance, will provide U.S. Soccer with cutting-edge video analysis for their training programs. U.S. Soccer has found DartTrainer software to be very helpful in breaking down National Team player performances and in isolating action within a game to use as a learning tool. Dartfish will be U.S. Soccer’s "Video Analysis Software Provider".

Dartfish will work closely with U.S. Soccer to implement a top-notch video training program using DartTrainer to educate soccer coaches, athletes, and members.

DartTrainer products integrate video to its maximum potential in sports training. During training for immediate visual feedback and enhanced trainer-athlete communication and after training analysis as DartTrainer tools compare and highlight performances, techniques, trajectories, and positions. DartTrainer’s built in Video Management System is particularly useful in team sports such as soccer to easily capture and classify multiple clips during games for post game analysis. The Video Management System is also a powerful tool when it comes to classifying video footage for pre-game scouting and strategy preparation.

"The Dartfish software is a tremendous tool for the U.S. Women's National Team. The ability to analyze individual and team techniques and tactics will be critical for our team as we prepare for the Women's World Cup in 2003," commented April Heinrichs, Technical Director & Head Coach for the U.S. Women's National Teams Program. "DartTrainer gives our coaches the ability to provide immediate and feedback to our athletes, therefore enhancing our ability to address technical and tactical issues (in an efficient and timely manner)."

About Dartfish
DartfishDartfish technologies and know-how are widely recognized in the sports world for performance enhancing sport training applications, exclusive televised broadcast footage, and interactive Internet content. Dartfish specializes in producing digital images that are interactive, entertaining and educational.

DartTrainer has been widely accepted among sport governing bodies and is the official video analysis training software for USA Cycling, USA Swimming, USA Volleyball, USA Gymnastics, USA Luge, USA Bowling, the International Softball Federation and Softball Canada. During the recent Winter Olympic Games held in Salt Lake City, Utah, there were 45 medals won by athletes who have trained with DartTrainer leading up to the games.

To learn more about Dartfish and DartTrainer software products, visit and discover the power of interactive imaging.

About U.S. Soccer
As the governing body of soccer in all its forms in the United States, U.S. Soccer Federation has helped chart the course for the sport in the USA for 89 years. In that time, the Federation’s mission statement has been very simple and very clear: to make soccer, in all its forms, a preeminent sport in the United States and to continue the development of soccer at all recreational and competitive levels.

To that end, the sport’s growth in the past 20 years has been nothing short of remarkable, with U.S. Soccer managing 11 different National Teams, from Under-16s Boys’ and Girls’ teams up through the Men’s and Women’s World Cup sides. In the 1990s, U.S. Soccer served as the host federation for World Cup USA 1994, the highest attended event in FIFA history, and as the host federation for the most successful women’s sporting event in history – Women’s World Cup 1999.

Founded in 1913, U.S. Soccer has the largest membership among U.S. Olympic Committee national governing bodies. The organization will be celebrating its 90th anniversary in 2003.