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Quote Sheet: U-20 MNT 2, BRA 1

Head coach Thomas Rongen

On tonight's result:
“To me this was clearly the toughest group in the tournament and I think the results have shown that. All four teams had to perform at their highest level each and every game.”

On the play of Freddy Adu:
“We all knew that Freddy was a talented kid and I felt that he was ready to wear the captain’s armband and take on a leadership role with this team. I couldn’t be happier with the way he has dealt with these circumstances. He had a superb performance against Poland and today, beyond his skill he always showed his desire, his heart. Great players succeed at the highest level and today was a great game for him, and he took the rest of the team with him today.”

On defeating Brazil:
“Anytime for a developing nation to beat the giants, the traditional powers like Brazil, is important. It’s important to push football in our country to a higher level, and these games, and hopefully the attention that this game gets will help that.”

On the difficult games in the group:
“I think we caught Poland at the right time, coming off a win over Brazil with 10 men they seemed emotionally and physically exhausted. This game was different. Brazil was clicking on all cylinders and they were making great plays going forward. We had to be more efficient with our chances than they were.”

On winning Group D:
“We’re not a team that always goes to the semifinals of these tournaments – those performances are exceptions. Maybe this time will be an exception, as we have such a talented group of players that could go very far in this tournament. They’ve proven that in the group but in the knock out stages anything can happen. Maybe we could do something special in this tournament.”

Forward Josmer Altidore

On beating Brazil:
“I’ve never beaten Brazil in anything. It’s been a great night, and it was a great game by both teams.”

On playing with Freddy Adu:
“Freddy is a great player and plays that attacking midfielder role so well. He didn’t give up on the play that led to the first goal. On the second goal, he is just a special player that does special things, and he made things as easy as possible for me.”

Midfielder Freddy Adu:

On winning Group D:
“I think this is the best group in the tournament. Some of the teams in the other groups are tough but we couldn’t be prouder of coming out of this group on top. Right now we’re riding high and playing well and we just have to keep it going. We have to keep working hard, because the harder you work the luckier you get.”

On setting up the second goal:
“I took the ball from a throw in and Sal did well to put it at my feet. I just hit the ball as hard as I could  towards and thankfully it landed at Jozy’s feet and I’m glad he put it away.”

On beating Brazil:
“I’m very proud to captain a U.S. team to a win against Brazil, and when I look back on this someday I’m going to think of it as a great accomplishment for our team.”

On what separates this team from the others:
“This team just has so many weapons. Against Poland it was Danny and me, and tonight it was Jozy’s turn.