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Post-game Quote Sheet: U-19 WNT Down Russia 4-1

U.S. Quote Sheet

U.S. head coach Mark Krikorian on the match:
"It was a very difficult match for us.  I felt the Russian team presented a lot of problems for us, but that's what we expected.  Their attacking players are outstanding. Number eight (Terekhova), number seven (Sochneva), number nine (Tsidikova) and number eleven (Morozova) are all good players that we had to keep track of.  Fortunately, we finished some chances and got a good result."

More Krikorian on the match:
"I don't think we established a good enough rhythm through the course of 90 minutes.  It was almost like we would win the ball and try and find a person and play them in all the time rather than connecting some passes and making them have to work in defending.  So I don't think we controlled the tempo well enough and established a good enough rhythm, but we still scored four goals and had a number of other very good chances.  That attacking was very good, but I though we got caught in transition a couple of times as well."

Krikorian on Rostedt:
"Jessica Rostedt had a very nice game for us.  She's very athletic and good on the ball.  We thought she would come in and impact the game and she did just that."

Krikorian on the USA's next opponent, Spain:
"They are a very good team.  Any team that wins Europe and can beat the Germany in the Final is obviously a very high quality team.  We know we will have to be ready to play as we may be facing a team playing for the chance to stay in the tournament so our expectations are for a very difficult game."

Krikorian on playing Rostedt against the Russians:
"We knew that tonight with the man-to-man system that Russia plays would present some different kind of problems for us because we don't play or train against that kind of defense very often.  But we also knew that Rostedt is very good in that situation.  In training, when we try to match up with her one-v-one, we have hard time doing it so we thought she'd be successful today."

Midfielder Angie Woznuk on the match:
"We possessed it well in the second half and I thought the forward did well creating space.  We really didn't give them too many chances in the second half except for the first five minutes.  We need work on coming out to play right away at the beginning of halves.  We can't be giving up goals in the first five minutes of the game especially as we were only up 2-0 and they were back in the game."

Forward Megan Rapinoe on coming of the bench and scoring:
"Rachel (Buehler) did most of the work (on her goal).  She went up and occupied the goalkeeper and I was just there to knock it in.  I wanted to go into the game and keep the pace going and I think we accomplished that until we had the game in hand."

Rostedt on her first world championship match and her goals:
"I was really nervous, but I was just going to go out there and do what the coaches told me, work hard, and luckily I got some great services from Wozzy and Amy.  On the first goal, I saw Wozzy look at me, so as soon as she put her head down to pass I took off and she played me a perfect pass."