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Pre-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. U-17 MNT vs. Germany

On being in Queretaro and how he approaches the knock out stage:
“We are happy to be here in Queretaro. This is our second visit because we came about one month ago to play two friendly games against Mexico and we are happy to come back now at this stage of the World Cup. We never will change the way we play. We’re going to always try to play the same way, whether it is for 90 minutes or 100 minutes, three games or seven games. That’s the way we always try to do it and all the players know that very well, so we’re going to play our way.”

On how the team will play against Germany:
“I think Germany has shown that they were one of the top teams in the first stage. They won all three games and scored a lot of goals. In this case, we know that they’re going to be very offensive, very good. We respect them, but the best way to respect them is attacking when we have the ball and when we don’t have the ball, defending well. We know how to do it, now it’s up to the players to have that concentration during the 90 minutes.”

On the weather conditions in in Queretaro:
“A month ago, it was very hot here in Queretaro so when it’s hot and it’s a little bit of an altitude, it’s going to affect the players a little bit more. It’s been raining a lot, so I don’t think the altitude is going to be a factor. But, obviously the field is affected. It’s very wet and there are some patches that are going to be very difficult to play, but it’s going to be the same for all 22 players. Whoever can deal with that and not be affected by that issue has the advantage. No excuses. We have a very good city, a nice stadium and the field and the weather are going to be the same for all. We want to have a wonderful match against an excellent team and we’ll see what happens after 90 minutes.”

On what his team will need to do to be successful on Thursday:
“Each game is different and at this stage of the World Cup it’s about one game, 90 minutes. It takes 90 minutes of concentration, showing personality and playing with heart and passion. The results more of the time will be on our side if we can get on the field and play that way. Then, it’s about who is better on the ball and who is going to create the best opportunities and put the ball in the net.”

On whether he expects any support from the fans in Queretaro:
“We’ve been playing the whole World Cup and so far the best support has come from within ourselves. We understand that in Mexico people are going to support someone besides us. We’re not worried. It’s a great learning experience for our kids to go to the stadium and get that kind of pressure. It’s going to build personality within them. Maybe the first time was a little bit difficult, but we’ve played five games in Mexico, and two games against Mexico with 20,000 people here. They were booing us and saying things, and we understand that. The players know that. They are expecting that and it’s just part of the World Cup. That’s not going to affect us, quite the opposite. We are used to it.”

On whether he expects his team to play well against Germany after some up and down performances:
“We experience different things. First, to beat a European team like the Czech Republic in our first game was very difficult. Then, there was a little bit of over confidence, thinking that the Czech Republic was our most difficult game on paper and that Uzbekistan would be easy. I think it was a let down from the players. They recognize that but we didn’t perform well. Then, against New Zealand it was a good performance from the players but we couldn’t finish that performance with a goal. Hopefully that is all a learning process and what we need to take from the group stage to this stage, which is 90 minutes. Now they know they cannot have any let down because we don’t want to go home.”

On how he will motivate his team:
“You don’t have to be worried about motivation when you have a team in front of you like Germany. It’s going to make you focused, so we’re not worried about that. They know that this is the most important game of their lives, and that passion, that energy, is going to be there. We have to wait until the game to see if we can create opportunities and finish the opportunities.”