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John Bouda Re-Elected as Referee Director to the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors

CHICAGO (Thursday, Jan. 15, 2004) - John Bouda has been re-elected as Referee Director to the U.S. Soccer Board of Directors. Bouda’s second two-year term will go through the 2005 Annual General Meeting.

As Referee Director, Bouda represents the referees on the Board of Directors of U.S. Soccer and also sits as a member of the National Referee Committee. Bouda has been a USSF referee since 1986 and a member of the Soccer Referee Committee of North Carolina since 1990, where he has served as the State Referee Administrator for twelve years. Bouda is also an instructor and state assessor.

“New and formidable challenges are facing us as the U.S. Soccer family increases its numbers of organizational members,” Bouda said. “I will continue using my experience on the National Board of Directors and the National Referee Committee to ensure that referees at all levels get the support they need to officiate a safe, fair, fun game of soccer.”

The U.S. Soccer Referee Department continued to make strides in 2003 as registrations reached an all-time high, new instructional and reference materials were introduced across the board and several U.S. referees and staff had significant roles at the Women’s World Cup and other international tournaments.

Annual referee registrations with U.S. Soccer topped 125,000 for the first time, with a final total in excess of 129,000 by the end of the calendar year. The registration total tops 136,000 when the number of registered instructors, assessors and assignors are included.