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MLS Cup History

You might think you know who is going to win this weekend's MLS Cup between the Houston Dynamo and the New England Revolution, but what do you know about the past MLS championships? You Don't Know Jack (Marshall) tests your knowledge of the first 10 MLS Cups.

Q1: Which player on either the Houston Dynamo or New England Revolution has logged the most career minutes with the U.S. MNT?

Q2: Which two goalkeepers have notched a clean sheet with the U.S. MNT and in MLS Cup in the same year?

Q3: Who is the only player to start both a FIFA World Cup Game and an MLS Cup game in the same calendar year?

Q4: Each of the 10 MLS Cup MVPs have been capped by their respective national teams. How many national teams are represented on that list?

National Soccer Hall of Fame Bonus: How many members of the National Soccer Hall of Fame have played on the winning team in an MLS title game?

A1: Steve Ralson with 1940 career minutes in 33 caps.
A2: Tony Meola and Zach Thornton (Note: Kevin Hartman had a shutout in MLS Cup 2005, and had a shared shutout with Joe Cannon in a U.S. MNT game).
A3: Eddie Pope - 1998 - D.C. United
A4: 5 - Guatemala, Canada, USA, Boliva, Poland
HOF: Two - John Harkes and Alexi Lalas