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Bruce Arena’s tenure as the U.S. manager is over, and now U.S. Soccer President Sunil Gulati has begun the search for a new coach. You may think you know who should take over the reins as coach, but what do you know about those who held the position in the past? YDNJ says one must know the past to predict the future.

1. When this former U.S. Men’s Manager took the U.S. to the World Cup, it wasn’t his first time at the helm as he actually had a one-game stint as the U.S. head coach in 1982.

2. He was a U.S. MNT Manager for three games in 1975 (all loses) and is now the head coach of the U.S. Under-14 Boys’ National Team program.

3. True or False: Bruce Arena recorded more loses than Bora Milutinoivic during their respective times as U.S. Manager.

4. Bora Milutinoivic was the U.S. manager from 1991-1995. Can you name the countries Bora coached directly before and after his stint in the U.S.?

5. True or False: From 1969 to 1975 there were eight different coaches, but only one led the U.S. team to victory.
Hall of Fame Bonus Question: This former NASL Commissioner and Vice-President of USSF had an nine-game stint as the U.S. manager in 1968, finishing with four wins, four losses and a draw for a .500 record.

1. Bob Gansler. (He won his one-game stint in 1982, a 2-1 victory over Trinidad in the Port of Spain.)

2. Manfred Schellscheidt

3. False. During his eight years in charge, Arena compiled only 30 loses, while Milutinoivic had 31 during his five year span as manager.

4. Before – Costa Rica (1990); After – Mexico (1995-1997)

5. True. Eugene Chyzowych, who coached for five games in 1973, was the only coach to led the U.S. to a win, doing it three times, while losing twice. The other seven coaches during the seven-year span drew one match and lost the other 19. The coaches were Gordon Jago (1969: 0-2-0), Bob Kehoe (1971-72: 0-3-1), Max Wosniak (1973: 0-2-0), Gordon Bradley (1973: 0-5-0), Dettmar Cramer (1974: 0-2-0), Al Miller (1975: 0-2-0), Manfred Schellscheidt (1975: 0-3-0).

HOF Bonus Question: Phil Woosnam