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U.S. Soccer Coaching Symposiums & Educational Opportunities

As part of our continuing effort to service and educate our membership, each Thursday U.S. Soccer will provide an informative article from one of its departments. Once a week, we will bring you an article/paper/essay that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of the game of soccer - on and off the field.

This week, you can learn more about U.S. Soccer’s Continuing Education Program and educational opportunities available to coaches through U.S. Soccer.

U.S. Soccer Coaching Symposiums & Educational Opportunities

The U.S. Soccer Coaching Department maintains a Continuing Education Program that is designed to keep coaches of all levels current with the latest national and international developments involving coaching trends, methodology, and the growth of the game.

Just as important, the purpose of the Continuing Education program is to provide meaningful educational opportunities for coaches wishing to maintain their "A" License. Coaches currently holding an "A" License must accumulate eight (8) credits within every four-year cycle in order to maintain the status of their "A" License.  If the credits are not maintained the "A" License will revert into a "B" License.

CE credits are only awarded for events or activities that are directed, sponsored or co-administrated by U.S. Soccer.  Credit amounts vary pending duration and/or level of programming.  One of the many ways "A" License coaches can earn Continuing Education credits is through a U.S. Soccer Symposium.

U.S. Soccer continued goal of increasing service to members has led to a growth in the educational opportunities for coaches in the US.  US soccer has dramatically increased the number of coaching symposiums available throughout the year. This year, US Soccer has hosted 14 symposiums across the country. These events are publicized on the U.S. Soccer website at and are open to coaches of all levels.

To accomplish U.S. Soccer’s goal of increasing the quality of educational opportunities available for our coaches, during symposium's coaches are given the chance to link themselves to the U.S. Soccer National Teams programs.  Coaches are given an "inside" view by watching a U.S. National Team training session as an integral part of their education.  While the symposiums are led by National Staff Coaches, often U.S. Soccer’s National Team coaches will address the participants of these symposiums.   These opportunities increase the education of U.S. coaches and allow the coaches an opportunity to gain valuable knowledge.

The next symposium U.S. Soccer will host is the National Coaching Symposium in Charleston, S.C., from November 15-17, 2002, which will be held in conjunction with the Under-20 CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament. This symposium will include a mixture of field sessions and lectures, as well as the chance to watch the U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team take on El Salvador on November 15th.  The symposium’s theme "U.S. National Teams - Where are they now?" will be featured throughout the clinic.

U.S. Under-20 Men’s National Team head coach Thomas Rongen, who will be coaching the U.S. squad in the CONCACAF Qualifying Tournament, will be on of four National Team coaches speaking at the symposium and will make a presentation at the clinic on Nov. 16th.  Other featured presenters include:  John Ellinger, U.S. U-17 Men’s National Team Head Coach; Glenn Myernick, U.S. Men’s National Team Assistant Coach; and Peter Mellor, National Goalkeeping Coach and National Staff Coach.

To apply for the National Coaching Symposium in Charleston, S.C., please visit  charleston_symposium.pdf

For questions or more information, please contact the U.S. Soccer Coaching Department (312) 808-1300 or