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Post Game Quote Sheet: USA vs. Brazil

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY

On facing a team like Brazil:
“When you come back quickly after a World Cup, it’s a good reminder of the work that goes to get into that level in both Confederations Cup and the World Cup. It serves as important purpose for everyone. Whether it’s a player who has been part of it to refocus on what it takes to stay there, or a young guy who is hoping to move up the ladder”

On the match:
“I felt we had a good first 20-25 minutes. Early on, the ball was moving quickly and we had good energy. The fact that we were not able to sustain that certainly is more of an indication of where the players are at this point in the year in terms of pre-seasons and things like that. The things we need to work on are always the same. When you play at a high level the ability with the ball to see things faster, move it quickly, create advantages, take advantage of certain situations. When you play in better games, the window is smaller and it closes faster. That’s a reminder to players. That’s both at attack and at defense. When we started to slow down in the last half of the second half reaction go down a little bit and a good time will make to pay. So, those are good lessons."

On Neymar:
“He’s obviously very good with the ball at his feet. The header that he scored was a good goal. Before the header, I thought we had done a good job with things. However, he’s ability to go at people and create the dribble is something that I think is special.

On Omar Gonzalez:
“It’s not an easy first game, let’s face it. I talked yesterday about picking the right time for players and making sure, you time things well and put them in a situation where you feel like it’s the right first opportunity. I think if you have watched Omar throughout the year, he is still young. Physically, there are some great starting points. He’s made progress with the Galaxy and Bruce has done a great job. He has some plays now where there are things going on around him and it’s not that easy for him to keep track of all these things. Hopefully he’s a player that with more of these kinds of experiences can continue to grow.”

On the second half:
“We were able to re-establish ourselves in the second half but I would still say it shows that defending against the best teams in World Cup or teams like Brazil, is just something we need to work on. To be able to play in these kinds of games where you can be dangerous with the ball and move it quickly, create chances and still defend, that’s what we’re shooting for always.”

On the younger U.S. players getting experience:
“With some of these younger players, games like this like are faster than they are use to. So, you’ll see some good plays but, there are other moment when there ability to make a play in tight spaces, see the next play faster and react quickly enough. Those are the things that are put under the microscope. Hopefully, when they get a taste of that it gives them a better picture of what they need to be doing day in and day out with their clubs. It certainly helps when they are playing regularly and it helps when they play in good leagues. This is the process that you go through in order to get more comfortable in games like this.

On the atmosphere:
“It’s a great atmosphere; it’s a great new stadium. Anytime you play in front of a crowd of 77,000 people, that’s special. U.S. fans, Brazilian fans, soccer fans, all of us appreciate the opportunity to be here on night like this.”

U.S. Goalkeeper BRAD GUZAN

On the game tonight and what it meant:
“Anytime you play Brazil, no matter who they put on the field, it’s going to be difficult. For us, it’s a bit of a disappointment. Obviously there are different factors that go into it and we were hoping for a better showing. But, in saying that, we know that it’s a new cycle, a new four years.”

On the test of playing against one of the best teams in the world:
“When we left the World Cup we felt positive about ourselves and positive about the direction we were going. We didn’t build on that tonight and I think it was a difficult test and I don’t think we were as sharp as we could have been.”


On how the U.S. played tonight:
“We played a good 20-25 minutes of soccer and then gave up that goal. Once you go down to Brazil, it’s hard to come back with the way they control the game. Overall, it was good to get back with the guys and it was another good test.”

On being matched up against Robinho:
“Going against Robinho is always a tough task. His feet are extremely quick, he has good dribbling skills so I just tried to keep him in front of me. When you have Daniel Alves running at you from right back, coming in late and getting open, they do a good job of finding him wide to get crosses in. I just tried to do my best with it.”

On the first Brazil goal:
“They got down our right side and the guy swung a good ball in. I was running back toward the goal and all of the sudden I saw the ball curling in. I tried to jump to it but it was curling away from my head and went straight to their player.”


On the challenges that Brazil presented:
“I think their movement off the ball is something that I personally admire a lot. They’re very quick with their speed of play and the way they move off the ball. The guy playing the ball is always two to three plays ahead. He’s not looking for the next ball but the one after that. Let’s be honest, Brazil is a good national team and they are very deep and they showed it tonight.”

On how the U.S. can take the next step as a national team:
“We just have to keep going like we’re going and doing great things. I think people are starting to notice. When you see the U.S. on your schedule you know it’s not going to be a cakewalk. I think we’ve changed the way people and other national teams see us.”

U.S. Goalkeeper TIM HOWARD
On the game’s atmosphere:
“It was awesome. It’s always a good crowd when we play here. Obviously, Brazil brings out the best and it’s a good market for soccer.”

On the team’s play against Brazil:
“I thought we frustrated them for a little while, which is good, but a little while isn’t good enough. It certainly showed us some things we need to work on. We know that in order to compete at this level to get to the next level, which this is and the World Cup is, you have to be able to frustrate teams for a lot longer than that.”

On the team’s overall performance:
“We’re disappointed because of the goals we gave up. Our goalkeepers are having to make too many saves and [Michael] Bradley played fantastic in the second half. That’s the problem with these teams. They create so many opportunities. You really need to limit those opportunities, particularly right in front of the goal. We didn’t do that very well. It’s disappointing, of course.”


On what the game meant to him:
“It’s always an accomplishment and I’m always proud to play for my country especially getting called in and being here in front of my family and friends that came from this area. It was a pleasure.”

On what Brazil brings:
“You knew that they were going to be a technical team and they move well off the ball. It’s like playing a giant. They’ve won a lot of World Cups and they bring a lot of experience to the game.”

On what he takls away from the game:
“These types of games you walk away with a learning experience and you take those to improve and hopefully get better.”

U.S. DEFENDER Omar Gonzalez
On playing Brazil:
“They’re one of the best teams in the world. They always play well. They may have not brought their best players but those players were amazing out there. It was just a very good overall experience for me.”

On developing young players:
“Making the All-Star team and now this…I was actually a late call-up and had no clue that I would be playing here this soon. I’m just really ecstatic to be here. I’m loving this. I think there are still a lot more young guys out there that have yet to be seen. I think it’s good that Bob Bradley has brought me and Alejandro Bedoya along and it gives us experience. Hopefully, some more young bright talent can come out.”


On defensive mistakes:
“We didn’t keep the ball as well as we would have like to. Against teams like that, it’s so important to keep the ball. Giving it away and then they’re running at you again, it makes it difficult.”


On the United States’ play:
“I thought we started out pretty well and aggressively and at some point, they got control and from that point we were a little too passive the rest of the night. It’s difficult to play them on a night like this when you’ve had no preparation, it’s hot and they get control of the ball. It’s difficult to get around them.”

On his missed opportunity in the third minute:
“It was unfortunate because the guy fouled me. I think Silvio realized it was a foul. I tried to stay up. They always encourage us not to dive and you try to do the right thing but you have to rely on the referee to make the call, so maybe next time, I’ll go down and get the sure penalty.”

On Omar Gonzalez’s first cap:
“He did okay. All things considered, he did alright. I think he realizes that to play at this level, it takes everything. And that means, all the proper preparation, every play has to be right, especially when you’re playing a team like that. All in all, though, I think he did pretty well and it was a pretty good experience for him.”

On the team’s problem’s tonight:
“I think we were just tired. I think we had a very young team tonight, as well as them. From an experience standpoint, they’ve had a lot of guys who have played in a lot of big games and we haven’t. I think that showed through. The effort was good, but I think if we’re going to get to the next level, we still have to be a lot better.”

On being down at halftime:
“It’s hard to be down 2-0 at halftime. If it had been 1-0, maybe it would have been a different game.”

On the team’s attitude toward losing:
“We can’t lose. We don’t like to lose anymore. It’s never okay to lose for us. That’s not going to change from now on.”

On the game’s atmosphere:
“The crowd was incredible tonight. The atmosphere was fun. There were quite a few Brazil fans, there were quite a few American fans. For us to play in the New Meadowlands Stadium was really special. We just wish we could have put on a better show.”

On problems the team had tonight:
“I think due to our age and inexperience, we were a little naïve. You can see Brazil had a little more savvy. They’re a little more clever and that makes a difference in a game like this.”