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"Resource Center" Providing Answers for Soccer Community

As part of our continuing effort to service and educate our membership, each Thursday U.S. Soccer will provide an informative article from one of its departments. Once a week, we will bring you an article/paper/essay that will hopefully enhance your enjoyment and knowledge of the game of soccer - on and off the field.

This week we look at's Resource Center, which has been servicing the soccer family on-line for more than a year.

Demosphere International One of Four Companies Providing Expertise at U.S. Soccer "Resource Center"

For more than a year now, U.S. Soccer has been providing answers on-line for some of the most commonly asked questions about the organization and the sport in this country via's Resource Center.  By logging on to, clicking on "Services" and then "Resource Center," you will be able to easily track down valuable information, insight and ideas on the behind-the-scenes work being accomplished to help create a soccer legacy in the United States.

At the Resource Center, our goal is provide information and valuable offers to all members of the soccer family.  On the informational front, we offer answers and guidance to commonly asked questions about our organization and the sport in this country. For values, we have worked with key suppliers and companies that are leaders in the industry to provide special values for our members.  Additionally, every Thursday, members of our "Communications Center" mailing lists receive a weekly article, release or position paper with information from one of our departments.  Whether it be a recap of the latest coaching symposium, an article on applying one of the "Laws of the Game" from our referees or a fact-filled look at one of our many affiliated members, the Resource Center's "Thursday Articles" are extremely popular and helpful.

The "Resource Center" features important information, including answers to your questions on topics including:

  • Coaching Education Forum
  • Federation Services/Membership
  • Registration of Players
  • Coaching Department and Coaching Schools
  • International Games
  • Disabled Soccer Organizations
  • Database Information and Guidelines
  • Sports Medicine
  • Legal

Of course, the value equation at the "Resource Center" comes from the partners whose goods and services are made availble to those of you in the soccer family. At U.S. Soccer we field a countless number of phone calls from the soccer community, covering a gamut of topics. Common threads we have found through these inquiries is a need for information as well as a desire to call on the expertise of people who have experience addressing the challenges they face.

In keeping with our commitment to serve the soccer community, we have enlisted the expertise of the following companies and categories:

These partners are among the most highly respected in their categories. They all bring years of experience and success to the table, exhibited by the information that you will find in the "Resource Center."

One such partner providing their expertise throughout soccer in the United States is Demosphere International.

Demosphere, who has recently been designated as the "Official Online Resource of U.S. Soccer," has been a leading provider of online administration solutions to the global soccer industry since 1990, beginning with the early planning stages of the most successful World Cup of all time – USA ’94.

Demosphere is also currently designated as the Official Technology Provider to U.S. Youth Soccer, and manages the websites of the U.S. Soccer Foundation, NSCAA, The Super Y League, and many other USSF members.

“Our passion for over ten years has been to serve the U.S. soccer family with database and communications technology that improves the sport. Our relationship with the U.S. Soccer Federation provides an invaluable platform for making this technology accessible to all soccer organizations in America,” said Jay Baker, President and CEO of Demosphere.

Five Demosphere online solutions have been made available on's "Resource Center," each targeting a different need within the sport.  They include league administration, online registration, tournament management, custom online solutions, and an online service called

“The service helps increase participation and the quality of competition in soccer by bringing together available players and teams similar to the way employers find new employees using the web,” said Chris Hummer, VP and GM of Demosphere. “The service makes it easier for players to stick with the game as adults, as well as helping youth clubs find a steady flow of new talent.”

Demosphere is currently the only soccer administration company featured on U.S. Soccer’s "Resource Center."

Make it a habit to check back often to's "Resource Center" to be able to take full advantage of the information and special offers available to you.

About Demosphere International:
For over ten years, Demosphere International has been a leader in technological advancements for the soccer industry. The privately owned, 20+ employee company headquartered in Falls Church, Virginia specializes in providing administration software, Website solutions, online registration, and consulting to an impressive list of national and state associations, governing bodies, leagues, clubs, and tournaments throughout the United States. In January 2002, Demosphere was named the Official Technology Partner of US Youth Soccer. With the acquisition of HotStat Sports in June of 2002, there is virtually no soccer-related organization of any size in the world that Demosphere could not serve. Organizations interested in Demosphere products or services are asked to visit the company website at, or to call 800-949-9440 for more information.