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You Want Sour Cream on That?

With an optional lunch last Saturday afternoon in Columbus, Ohio, several of the U.S. women's players opted to venture outside the hotel to a popular burrito joint which just happens to be the favorite "fast food" of forward Abby Wambach.

As the players walked in, the manager of the restaurant recognized them and asked for some autographs and some pictures, and the players happily obliged.  So impressed was the manager, that he offered the players free burritos, which the players happily accepted.

Then Cindy Parlow decided that she wanted to make her own.  "Can I jump behind the counter?" said Parlow, and the manager happily let her do just that, followed by Abby Wambach, who has an intimate knowledge of the menu.

"I looked back and CP was putting on the plastic gloves, and I said, I want in!" said Wambach.  "They were shocked about how good I was at taking the orders and how I knew exactly what to ask because of the frequency of my visits.  'Do you want black beans?' I must say it was a smooth transition behind the counter."

Just then Tiffany Roberts walked in with her mom and dad.

"We opened the door and I saw CP and Abby with aprons and gloves on passing the burritos down the line!" said Roberts.  "I had to get in on the action!  I was in charge of salsa, sour cream, cheese and veggies."

The players made about 10 burritos for customers, including ESPN commentator Wendy Gebauer, who gave it high marks.  After their successful run in the burrito line, the manager "paid" the players in free t-shirts and hats including an "I Know Beans" t-shirt for Roberts.

"I make burritos a lot at home, so when the stuff is already sitting there, putting them together was no problem," said Roberts, who as it turned out, did in fact know her beans.