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Greg Garza

Since joining the U.S. Under-17 Residency Program, Greg Garza has been traveling all over the world. And with all that traveling, he's no doubt got his headphones over his ears often. So what's the defender/midfielder listening to? Check out his top five albums.

1) Third Eye Blind, “Third Eye Blind” (Elektra/Wea, 1997)
I picked this CD because I just like all Third Eye Blind’s music. It makes me feel relaxed and then sometimes it can also pump me up. They have a lot of different variations of style in their music which I like so it always kind of surprises me.

2) Sublime, “It’s Sublime Yo” (MCA, 1996)
This is just a really relaxing CD and that is why I picked it. It makes you feel like you have a perfect life and nothing can go wrong. I think we’d all like to feel like that, at least I do.

3) 50 Cent, “Get Rich or Die Trying” (Interscope Records, 2005)
This CD is what I listen to before a game because it definitely gets me pumped up to play. I will especially listen to this CD on a big occasion or big game.

4) Nelly, “Sweat” (UMVD Labels, 2004)
This album is similar to TEB as it makes me feel relaxed and can also pump me up at the same time. There’s a good mix of songs on the album. It has a little bit of R&B, with some rap as well. I really like the mix.

5) Eminem, “Marshall Mathers LP” (Interscope Records, 2000)
I remember listening to this CD about two or three years ago and I instantly liked it a whole lot. When I listen to it I always get in a good mood and there are so many good songs on the album that I can just listen to it all the way through. Definitely a CD I can listen to at any time.