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Post-Match Quotes: U.S. WNT vs. Iceland - July 24, 2005

U.S. Women’s National Team Quote Sheet
July 24, 2005
U.S. 3, Iceland 0
Home Depot Center
Carson, Calif.

--Full Match Report--

U.S. WNT head coach Greg Ryan

On the U.S. game:
“This was another great opportunity to let the players play together and to continue to build rhythm and confidence, and I think they will walk away from this game feeling good about how they played. Just getting international games under your belt gives you confidence.”

On Tina Frimpong and the outside backs:
“When she gets up there into the penalty box, she is not going to hold back. She’s going to cut it loose. We’ve given her the green light to do what she wants. She knows what she is doing up there. The area that we are retooling is at the back. (Lori) Chalupny is in Sweden and she is a back that goes forward. (Heather ) Mitts likes to go forward. We really need some athletic backs who are going to go forward and create goals for us.”

On Boxx and Fair in the midfield:
“They played great. They played off each other so well. They are veteran, smart players. They look like they wrote a manual on how to do it. They were so calm and confident.”

On the forwards:
“We don’t really hold one player in a single position. We let them go across because we have so much versatility with them. Millie can go wide or in the middle, Abby is the same way and Welsh is the same way. And then Fotop, she’s a goal scorer. If you put the ball in front of the net she is going to stick one of those in.”

On Lori Lindsey, who earned her first cap:
“She does everything well. She was good in residency when she came in and tried out last year. We knew we wanted to bring her back. She has a confidence about her that she can do whatever needs to be done.”

On Angie Woznuk, who earned her first cap:
“She’s definitely a player for the future, how far ahead in the future is what we are trying to find out. Will she help us by 2007? You wouldn’t say no. You watch her now, you say maybe. We have to keep looking at her and keep bringing her in because she is creating chances. She sets people up, and they don’t know what’s coming. I don’t know what’s coming.”

On the team after the last three games:
“(Over the three games during the summer) I learned that we have a lot of good players. I'm really happy with everyone who has come in. We've had 24 in each camp and we've changed the rosters quite a bit. The good news is that we have a lot of good players to move forward with and that any of this combination of players that we've called in can help us down the road. Tina Frimpong, Angie Woznuk and Amy Rodriguez who is over in Sweden with Chalupny, O'Reilly, Tarpley are young players that are just going to grow and grow along the strong group of veteran leaders that we already have on this team in Boxx, Markgraf, Wambach, Kristine Lilly. We didn't even talk about Lilly today, and what a difference she makes.”

U.S. WNT forward Danielle Fotopoulos
On the difference in playing with this team now vs. in the past:
“We’re coming out and just learning about each other, but in the mean time we are having a blast. The coaching from Greg is different in that we are just coming out and doing what we do best as individuals, and in that way we can come together as a team. The team camaraderie that we have had has been fun and relaxed, but we get down to business when we step on the field.”

On what the team does well, and needs to improve on:
“I definitely think our defense is impressive. You can’t do well without a confident defense, and we have confident defenders back there. The thing that we have to work on is combining offensively, getting that rhythm, getting the feel and the emotion that we need to be relentless.”

On how the team players with confidence:
“It’s not only the players that are out there, but I think it’s our coach too. When he comes in he says, ‘this is your team, this is your game, you guys go out and win it, and you guys have a good time doing it.’ He puts the confidence in the team. He pointed out today that there are only three players on the field today that started in the Olympic Final. Renewing that confidence among each other is what gains our feel for the game.”