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w/ MNT goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann

We provide a national team player with the turntables and headphones and in turn they give us their top five music selections.

U.S. goalkeeper Marcus Hahnemann is just like any other player on the U.S. World Cup roster; he likes to have control of the radio on the way to training. But the difference between Marcus and his teammates is he might not be picking something everyone agrees with. He’s not going the rap route or with any of the songs picked for MTV’s TRL that day. And if you mention Kelly Clarkson, well, lets just remind you that he’s 6-2 and 220.

“If we’re on the way to training it has to be something hard.” This is what Marcus said when asked to provide a list of five music groups he’d choose to play on the way to training for one week. And at first, it appears it might just be one single album.

“There’s really only one choice and I listen to it every game. And that’s Slipknot’s 9:0 Live album. It is awesome. It’s a two-disc set and that’s the only thing I play before a game. And that’s it. That’s five days. Five straight days.”

After little prodding, Marcus conceded and gave us a few more artists. Heck, he ended up giving up even more than we needed. He may like loud music played by guys in freaky masks, but deep down he’s a nice guy. We swear.

A band I kind of forgot about and started listening to recently that I absolutely love. I forgot how many great songs they have. I bought their greatest hits album (Ten Years Gone: The Best of Everclear) and it’s really, really good. I think they’re from Portland, actually.

(editor’s note: Point for Marcus. Everclear formed in Portland in 1992).

Pearl Jam
I just bought their new one (Pearl Jam) and I’ve only listened to a few of the songs. I literally just got it and haven’t listened to the whole thing, so on the way to training would be a good time. Pearl Jam is one of the greatest bands ever.

Audio Slave
I can hit two birds with one stone here with Audio Slave as it has two of my favorite bands in Rage Against the Machine and Sound Garden. It has a little bit of both. Basically, three bands in one. I mean Soundgarden is awesome and Rage Against the Machine, well, it just doesn’t get better than that.

(editor’s note: Audioslave features former lead singer/guitarist of Soundgarden, Chris Cornell [vocals] and Rage Against The Machine's Tim Commerford [bass], Tom Morello [guitar] and Brad Wilk [drums].)

For one group, I have to go with longevity and that means I’m going to go with Pantera. I still listen to them all the time. They are so good. The sound is amazing. I just love the drums in those songs.

If we can’t just pick one song and instead we’re going to do something a bit more exciting, then Slipknot has to be at least one day. And it’s going to have to be Friday because that’s the finale. It doesn’t get any better than that. I mean, it has everything. I love it. Slipknot is my favorite.

The only bad thing about Slipknot is they’re a bit scary. My kids absolutely love the music as well, but we can’t watch any videos because it’s a bit too scary. And I can’t listen to a Slipknot live album with the kids because the language isn’t conducive to a five and seven year old, but they still love it.

System of a Down
Oh, my gosh! I can’t believe I almost forgot about System of a Down! They are awesome as well. That’s got to be in there somewhere. How about this: I’ve got a six-day work week. I’ve just got Sundays off.