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The U.S. Men's and Women's National Teams couldn't compete and have a chance to succeed like they do without the extraordinary help of U.S. Soccer's national team staff. For the second consecutive year, we've talked to a representative and player from most of U.S. Soccer's national teams, and asked them what their one wish for a holiday gift is this year. Bruce got a new contract, and Mia got a new ring, but what about Joanna Lohman? If there’s a Soccer Santa out there, now would be the time to pay attention. Here’s their list of Holiday wishes…

Men's National Team:

  • Pam Perkins, General Manager (in a thick British accent): "To banish the word ‘winningest’ from all U.S. Soccer press releases. It’s not the worstest word in the world, but it’s definitely not the bestest."
  • DaMarcus Beasley, midfielder: "Somebody help me out with J-Lo..."

Women's National Team:

  • Nestor Battung, Massage Therapist: "A nice weekend getaway to Canyon Ranch, a wellness/heath spa in Tuscon, Arizona. Or a weekend at Kohler Water Spa in Wisconsin."
  • Cindy Parlow, forward: "All I want is for all of my family to be together in one place. Everyone is so busy all the time, it's tough to get us all back to Memphis."

Under-23 MNT:

  • Aaron Barrett, Team Coordinator: "A pizza or a Big Mac—I can’t decide."
  • Alecko Eskandarian, forward: "Whatever Barrett’s not having."

Under-21 WNT:

  • Erik Liekoski, Manager of Youth National Team Admin.: "Someone to offer me $200,000 for my condo."
  • Joanna Lohman, midfielder: "A midnight blue, 4-door, hard top convertible, tricked-out rims, navigation system and DVD player to replace my green Ford Taurus convertible wagon that fits a family of five."

Under-20 MNT:

  • Erik Carlson, Team Coordinator: "Peace in the Middle East, so that the U-20s can still have a chance to represent the U.S. in the FIFA World Youth Championship in the United Arab Emirates next year. That, or Phish tickets for when they come to Chicago in February."
  • C.J. Klaas, defender: "An A on my Judaism final."

Under-19 WNT:

  • Heather Walles, Team Coordinator: "Some new CD’s for my karaoke machine, so I don’t have to keep singing ‘Say My Name’ by Destiny’s Child."
  • Ashlyn Harris, goalkeeper: "I want two things really bad. The first is a GoPed. It's this two-wheeled motorized scooter that goes up to 30 miles per hour. Also, it's been a dream of mine to get the Barbie Snow-Cone Maker. It's pink. You put a cube of ice in it and spin it. It crushes the ice and it comes with flavored packets of coloring. You just pour it on and eat!"

Under-17 MNT:

  • Jeff McRaney, Team Coordinator: "A fishin’ boat."
  • Chris Germani, defender: "I want a Cadillac Escalade sittin’ on 22’s (rims, for all you ghetto clueless out there). I'm just getting my license soon, so it wouldn't hurt to have one of those."

Futsal MNT:

  • Steve Torres, Press Officer: "A night out with both Tara Reid and Christina Aguilera."
  • Dan Green, goalkeeper: "Some Bob Vila tools to fix up my house, and a futsal trip to the Bahamas."

…and the rest of the Soccer House family:

  • John Stelzer, Director of National Teams Administration: "World peace and multiple copies of Bobby Convey’s passport."
  • Julie Ilacqua, Managing Director of Federation Services: "That every game at every level has a full referee crew and that every referee is as perfect as everyone at every game thinks they should be."
  • Kati Hope, Manager of Coaching Education: "A chance to visit every country in the world."
  • Paul Marstaller, Events Fan Development & Ticket Manager: "A reliable car."
  • Dave Rogers, Technology Coordinator: "That my son will qualify and do well in the Illinois State Wrestling Tournament."
  • Tim Pinto, Staff Attorney: "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. You know, for my little brother…"


 Table of Contents
1) Armchair Midfielder (And the Winner Is…)
2) In Threes (w/ WNT forward Shannon MacMillan)
3) All I Want for Christmas Is… (w/ NT Staff, Players)
4) Queries and Anecdotes (w/ MNT midfielder Chris Armas)
5) Mark That Calendar (2002 Voting Deadlines)
6) Superstar!!! (w/ U-23 MNT forward Alecko Eskandarian)
7) FAN Point/Counterpoint (Best Soccer Moment of 2002)
8) "You Don’t Know Jack (Marshall)" (Chevy AOTY trivia) 

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