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Cat Reddick - Schooling On the Field and Off

Life on the road as a college senior with the U.S. Women’s National Team always includes the buzzwords: laptop, email and Internet classes. For U.S. Women’s World Cup Team defender Cat Reddick, graduating from North Carolina will be a labor of love, one in which the Southern Belle from Birmingham, Alabama, definitely has relied on the "kindness of professors." This is Cat’s story of being the only player on the U.S. team that has to do homework.

U.S. defender Cat Reddick has, shall we say, some different responsibilities from the other 19 players on the U.S. Women’s world Cup Team, namely: Sociology 22 and 23, and Communications 91. Reddick is the only amateur on the U.S. team and the only player currently enrolled in college, meaning that she must get her homework done so she can stay on track to graduate in four years. Graduating on time is an impressive feat for any college athlete these days, but it’s even more impressive with the amount of traveling an international soccer player does.

While the other players are shopping, napping or watching TV, Reddick (who is quick to admit that she does her share of shopping, napping and TV watching), has the books cracked and sends homework back to UNC through the Internet.

She has an exam in Soc 22 today and will take it online. She gets the questions this morning and has 24 hours to answer, not easy considering the U.S. will travel to Columbus today.

"I guess I’ll just download them in the morning and take them on the airplane," said Reddick, who will trade Davis Library on the Chapel Hill campus for a cushy seat on the USA’s charter to Ohio. "I’ve been traveling for international soccer for about six years now so you learn how to cope with doing homework on the road. I must admit I’ll be happy to be done with school so I can have more free time on soccer trips."

Reddick had a major homework crisis while the team was in Washington, D.C., when Hurricane Isabel hit and knocked out her Internet network on the day she had a project due in her Internet class. The next day she sent an email asking for forgiveness and sent the project in. She’s still hoping her professor will accept it. Then in Philadelphia, Reddick accidentally knocked her laptop of a desk and onto the floor. She picked it up, turned it on, and nothing came up on the screen. Thus are the perils of the college student on the road. She will use a teammate’s computer while her laptop is getting fixed.

So if you see Reddick traveling with the U.S. team during the WWC, and her backpack is a bit thicker and heavier than the other players, you’ll know the answer – school books and her laptop.

"It’s tough to miss classes, but the advisors and professor at UNC have been very helpful and understanding," said Reddick. "I promised everyone I would graduate, so that’s my plan!"