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2010 Inductees

2010 Hall of Fame Induction Quote Sheet

Preki Radosavljevic
On the importance of his family members:
“I had special parents that dedicated everything and gave me this opportunity. They put me in the right path in my life and I’ll never forget that. I wish my mom was here, but she passed away. She would be really proud to see what I am. For my dad – because of the age – it was real difficult to get him here, but I know they’re proud and I know my mom is watching from some place and she’s proud of me.”

On being able to play in this country:
“It’s meant a lot. This country gave me an opportunity and the thing is you see a lot of times people get an opportunity, but you have to really want it and really embrace that opportunity and go after it. I feel like I really wanted it and I went after it, and I guess people respected my work and what I’ve done and that’s why I’m here.”

On being inducted into the Hall of Fame:
“This obviously is the highest honor that you can get, it’s an individual honor and I really don’t know what to say. I’m really speechless.”

Bruce Arena
On the 2010 class of the Hall of Fame:
“Hopefully, I can thank them by continuing to do the right things to help grow the sport. It is unique. The two Americans, myself and Kyle, and then Preki and Thomas Dooley. To listen to their stories today was fabulous and it’s just a wonderful day for me and I know for the other inductees as well.”

On receiving this honor:
“I’m very appreciative of the recognition. It’s a diverse class for sure. Kyle Rote and I are about the same age and we grew up actually with similar backgrounds. We started in the game so late and then you have Preki and Dooley who obviously learned their trade in other countries and have come here to help build the game. So it’s really a diverse and unique class and a class I’m proud to be a part of.”

Thomas Dooley
On being inducted into the Hall of Fame:
“I’m speechless. I’m honored, and like I said before it’s the biggest thing that you can achieve as a soccer player. When they look at the past five or 10 years, as long as you played, and you’re getting into the Hall of Fame it means that you actually personally helped to change and to grow soccer in this country. It’s not just the club getting better, you’re helping the club to get better, but it’s the country getting better. And this is about your whole life you’re playing instead of having one season or one tournament.”

Kyle Rote, Jr.
On being inducted into the Hall of Fame:
“It’s a great personal honor but it’s also an honor for a whole generation of players that were with the NASL and in many ways we were the soccer missionaries and we had the privilege to go out and to introduce vast areas of the American culture and introduce soccer to them. Many of our players down in Dallas, they would drive two or three hundred miles into west Texas to take soccer out to Lubbock, Amarillo, places that you would never think, football obsessed culture, that we could bring world football into that. And now I see every one of those communities with very vigorous soccer programs and I’m just pleased that more and more young people have the opportunity to be able to play, male, female, no matter what size have a chance to play the world’s game and to be exposed to it and give that a real legitimate option for them.”