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2008 Referee Training Courses and Instructor/Assessor Workshops

CHICAGO (Jan. 11, 2008) - The United States Soccer Federation's National Program for Referee Development has scheduled a number of Referee Training Courses for 2008. In addition to the regular Advanced and Intermediate Referee Training Courses, a number of areas will be holding special workshops for Instructors and Assessors along with the referee training. All grades of Instructors and Assessors are eligible to attend these clinics.

The National Program for Referee Development will provide the instructor for each site. All travel, lodging, meals and the honorarium for the instructor will be the responsibility of the United States Soccer Federation. The instructor will contact the state to confirm details in advance of the clinic.

The hosting state association will provide the meeting room, audio/visual equipment, and copies of clinic handouts. Any refreshments served at the clinic will be the responsibility of the state association as well. The hosting state association is obligated to promote and advertise for the sessions to insure adequate attendance.

Anyone interested in attending one of these courses should communicate with the SRA or SDI listed as a contact for each state association.