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Post Match Quotes US 10 Costa Rica 0

U.S. head coach Kazbek Tambi
On the match:
“I think Costa Rica was very pumped up, they had a good crowd in their own stadium. They came out and worked very hard, but we talked to our kids about being patient and just continuing to play our game and if we did, we would overcome any pressure Costa Rica would put up. To our kids’ credit, they did.”

On having three days off before the semifinal:
“We’ll take it easy tomorrow. We’ve being going at it for a week, every day, so the kids are due for a day off. We’ll take them on an excursion to get their minds off the game, and Tuesday we’ll get back to focusing on the next opponent, whoever that’s going to be. If it’s either Mexico or Canada, we’ll do our best to have another solid game in the all-important semifinal.”

On the play of the U.S. team that scored 32 goals in three group games:
“We learned a lot in the last cycle (the 2007-2008 U-17 WNT), what worked well and what didn’t work so well at the U-17 level, so this group has gotten the benefit of that prior experience. We set the standard very high for this group and we want them to take women’s soccer in the U-17 age group to a new and unique level. We’ve given this group more homework to do and I think we are starting to reap the benefits of that. That’s been a combination of extra technical training, watching the highest level of the men’s matches and analyzing that style of play, doing visualization and trying to come together as a family. So when you combine all those things, I think the kids are very confident in themselves and when the game does start, there’s not a whole lot of coaching that needs to be done, which is great. You kind of sit back and watch them take the game over. They take care of business on their own without us and that’s a lot of fun to watch.”

On putting on a good show for the Costa Rican fans:
“When our team first walked on the field for warm-ups, the fans jeered us, but as the game wore on, more and more fans started applauding our play as I think they appreciated the kind of soccer were playing. I mentioned to the team at halftime that the people in the stadium making all the noise are knowledgeable soccer people and if we keep playing well, they’ll be fans of ours by the end of the game. It was neat to see how that took place.”

U.S. forward Taylor Smith
On her hat trick:
“It’s not about me or the goals, it’s about the team being able to create chances and win games. I thought we came out nervous, a bit anxious, but we settled down and things just got better from there.”

On getting ready for the semifinal:
“We brought the intensity today, but we know it’s only going to get harder, so we have to bring it to an even higher level in the semifinal.”