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Post-Game Quote Sheet: U.S. Men's National Team Following Its 3-0 Win Over Poland


On whether he was pleased to see two defenders score:
"Defenders are always hungry in these situations [on set pieces] to score goals and get on the scoresheet. I thought Carlos Bocanegra and Oguchi Onyewu set the tone for the team in those set pieces."

On the game:
"I thought that in the first half we were strong in the center of the field. It was a difficult match. We always knew that the pitch wasn't going to be in the best condition. For us to win that battle in the middle of the field was very important. I think that, combined with the strong play in the center of defense, those players formed an important backbone in our team tonight."


On the team's performance:
"Our performance was very good, and the two set piece goals got our confidence going. Overall, I think there was only one team that was going to win, and that was us."

On the set pieces:
"I haven't hit a set piece in awhile being in L.A., so I took some time yesterday in practice to work on it. We got guys in good spots tonight, and between [Onyewu, Bocanegra, and Ching], chances are if you put the ball in the right place they'll be able to get to it."

On whether the margin of victory was a fair result:
"I don't think the margin of victory is unfair. I think once we got up a couple goals early, Poland knew that they needed get out of their shell and come at us. That is something we are good at though, hitting teams on the counter, and I think that [their need to attack] played into our hands."

On the atmosphere:
“The atmosphere was awesome. The fans were great. Even at the end of the game they were still loud and supportive. It was cold, a good night for soccer, and all in all I think it was almost a perfect game."

On winning back to back games in Europe:
“It’s huge to get that result in Europe, and now there's a little bit of confidence that comes every time we play here. We may not win every time, but if we perform like we did tonight we'll always have a chance."

U.S. midfielder EDDIE LEWIS

“I thought it was a good game. With Poland getting ready for Euro 2008, it was a big game for them. They're trying to prepare for the summer, and it was always going to be a big test. I was really pleased though. In the beginning, I thought we dominated. We had a tight midfield, created some chances and defended well. To score on set pieces is a bonus, but in general I was really pleased with the overall play."

On winning back to back games in Europe:
“It’s a big result. In general we haven't be the best in Europe, but over the last year or two we've certainly gotten better. To beat a team that is in the European Championship and having qualified so soundly is definitely huge. For everyone to be involved and get a result like that is great."


“On the whole we played well. We started off strong and were able to get two early goals. That enabled us to play more and we ended up with a very good result in Europe against a very good team. To come out with a victory like this tonight is really important for our progression in the future.”

On the atmosphere:
“The crowd was great, even though they were against us. It is good to hear them cheering for Poland, even if they were down early. They were behind them for the whole 90 minutes.”

On the play of Poland:
“I expected them to be a lot more attack-minded in the first half. They were a bit hesitant and ended up waiting until the second half to become more of an attacking threat. By that time we had both goals, and then Eddie Lewis put his free kick away and we were able to come away with a 3-0 victory.’

On winning back to back games in Europe:
“It’s great to come back with a win in Europe. In the past we haven't been as good or as imposing as we would expect to be, and this past year we've been able to emerge as a threat to teams. In the past, people would have jumped to play us but I think each time here we're making a name for ourselves. We're learning how to win and this was a good milestone for us."

U.S. captain and Sierra Mist Man of the Match CARLOS BOCANEGRA

“They had a good qualifying campaign so we knew they were going to be tough, and we had our energy levels high from the beginning. We got that early goal and grabbed a second, and then we were able to sit back and counter them with our speed."

"We took our chances and we even had a few more that we didn't score. Today we got the better of them. Each time we're trying to improve in Europe, and this was a really good win tonight. We can take the positives, but we still need to work on a lot of stuff.”