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The Great Debate: Caveman vs. Astronaut

On the road with the national teams, a lot of time is spent around the table, on the bus and lacing up the boots on the side of the field. When soccer isn't the topic, we'll post a thought-provoking, either-or question to the staff and players of one of our national teams. While a tie is a viable result in soccer, in The Great Debate we're looking for a clear winner or a loser. And just for fun, we'll have the camera rolling and cut the highlights for you to see before taking the argument to the dinner table or your favorite soccer pub.

In this corner we've got the caveman, and in the other corner we've got the astronaut, and in training camp we've got the Under-20 Men's National Team preparing for Youth World Cup Qualifying. Check out this video as the U.S. U-20 Men's National Team players and staff -- including Freddy Adu, Thomas Rongen and Dave Dir -- kick off The Great Debate with a question for the ages:

Who would win in a fight, a caveman or an astronaut?

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