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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. Men vs. Brazil

U.S. Men's National Team Manager BRUCE ARENA

On how the team’s strategy worked against Brazil:
"In fairness to Brazil, we started the game with defensive tactics. Our plan was to get into halftime 0-0. We knew we needed a point in this game, but obviously we were going to try to get three. Our plan worked well until we made the mistake that created the goal. In the second half, we had to change the game to try to get the goal back. Brazil was content to sit back a little bit and create some chances on the break as well."

On a number of young players getting in the game:
"We played a number of young players in this game and they did well. These are the types of experiences we need to get better, so I was pleased they had that opportunity, and I was pleased with how they performed."

On looking forward to Cameroon:
"We think it’s another important opportunity. We will play a somewhat different lineup than the first two games, but we will approach the game with a positive attitude and hope to get something out of it. I think these games are invaluable for us, and if we can show an improved performance in each and every game it has been a successful tournament for us. I don’t worry about the wins right now, our objective is to prepare a new team for qualifying next year. When you have the opportunity to play Turkey, Brazil and Cameroon it can only benefit your players. We look forward to playing on Monday."

On how Tim Howard has played in the tournament:
"I think Tim has proven he’s an outstanding goalkeeper. He’s played very well in this tournament. Tonight, he made some big saves. I’ve really been pleased with his performance."

On DaMarcus Beasley's performance:
"DaMarcus was absolutely after (Belletti) and I thought he was the one player that started the game with a lot of confidence. He just continues to show he's an outstanding player at this level."
U.S. Goalkeeper and Chevrolet Man of the Match TIM HOWARD

On the game:
"I thought we played well enough to get a point tonight. We executed our game plan well, and unfortunately we made one mistake that cost us We're going to step on the field against Cameroon looking to get a result."

On Brazil's goal:
"I let the team down, because we could have gotten a point against Brazil. It's a shame because other than that, it was a good effort and we could have gotten a point against Brazil. I've got to do better than that. He's a good player (Adriano), but there is no excuse for that."


On playing outside midfield and then being moved into the middle of the field:
"It's great. Bruce is confident in playing me in different positions and he knows I can slide inside and get down towards goal and get more forward. I like playing that position."

On playing against Belletti on the right flank:
"He tried to use his speed, but he wasn't going to go by me."


On not advancing out of their group:
"I don't care that we're knocked out. We want to play well. We played well in four out of five games in the World Cup and things went our way. We played well one out of two games here and things didn't go our way. It's good for us to get back to our MLS teams and it's good for the European guys to get a break now. It's not the worst thing in the world."


On how he thought the U.S. played in the game:
"You can only do so much to the best team in the world. It’s a great measuring stick. You play these guys and you see where you stand. We played well tonight, it was just an unfortunate error."

On Ronaldinho:
"He's so dynamic and he's so good on the ball. What makes Brazil even more dangerous is that there's four or five guys around him that are just as capable of doing the same things. You're always conscious of where he is."

U.S. Midfielder CHRIS KLEIN

On how the team played:
"Our concept was to keep packed in and try to catch them on a counter. We had a few chances where we could have caught them. But you have to give credit to them, they held the ball nicely and capitalized on a mistake. That’s just the way the game goes."