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Post-Match Quote Sheet: U.S. Men vs. Poland

BRUCE ARENA - U.S. Men's National Team Manager

On the match:
“To get that goal late in the game shows we played very well. I don’t think the Poles were much of a threat during the game and they did well on the goal, making something out of that. We had a lot of chances to get a win from Josh Wolff, Brian McBride and Landon Donovan, and you could be critical of that, but I feel good about the way we played. It was good to get Brian Mullan and Brian Ching and Eddie Gaven some playing time because those are positions we need help in, and it was good to see Pablo Mastroeni playing in a position where he hasn’t played in a long time.”

On Poland:
“Give our opponent credit, they played hard and stuck to a good game plan. We could be at fault for not finishing all of our opportunities, but at least we got a point out of this. The Polish goalkeeper (Artur Boruc) was the player of the game for them. They defended well and the keeper had a heck of a game.”

On the impact of the missed penalty kick:

“Well, it means that the game was 0-0 instead of 1-0. You know, if it is 1-0, Poland can’t sit back with nine men behind the ball. I think it had an impact for them, but not for us. You make 80-90 percent of penalty kicks, so maybe we’ll make the next 8 or 9 in a row.”

On the partisan Polish crowd:
“It was good if you're from Poland (jokingly). It’s good practice for qualifying, we’ll see that in Jamaica, and we hope we get a point down there.”


On the goal:
“I thought it was going to squirt through his legs and I’m just glad no one was there to kick it out. It was nice, I didn’t have such a great clearance on their goal. I didn’t completely see it, so it was nice to get one back and make it even. I don’t think I bailed us out, (our forwards) worked hard up there and sometimes its not going to go in for them. But I  thought we were on top of them a lot today and sometimes that happens where you give up a fluke goal and they’re up 1-0 but we did well to fight back and get a goal.”

On the team’s overall performance:

“I don’t think we’re going to look at it too much, Poland came out and played hard, but like I said I think we dominated and had most of the play.

On the crowd:
“It was great, it was almost like an away crowd and we get that everywhere it seems but it was an awesome crowd and a great atmosphere.”

JOSH WOLFF - U.S. Forward

General comments on the game:

“We kept plugging away. Carlos kind of bailed us out and scored a great goal. We played pretty good and we got a good result. Not a great result, but a good result.”

“We got a lot of different guys in, some new faces into the game.”

“Poland got about seven or eight guys behind the ball and they were difficult to break down at times. But again we were patient at times and not so patient at other times, but when we were able to move the ball around and get it behind them is when we played our best."

On the USA’s upcoming semifinal round World Cup qualifier in Jamaica on Aug. 18:

“Going into the qualifiers, we are going to Jamaica and we know it’s a difficult place to play but we’ll be going down there and playing for a result. We’ll be going for the win. It’s going to be a difficult match but Bruce will put together a team that he feels will have the right chemistry and the right make up to go down there and get a result.”