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1999 U.S. Open Cup First Round Continues

CHICAGO (Wednesday, June 9, 1999) - The 1999 U.S. Open Cup recorded its first upset of the tournament last night when the amateur Mid Michigan Bucks surprised the Austin Lone Stars with a 3-2 victory at White Pine Stadium in Saginaw, Michigan. The Bucks came from behind twice in the victory, finally snatching the win in the 88th minute on a strike by forward Paul Snape.

For Mid Michigan, the top-ranked Open Cup team from the Premier Development League in the USL at No. 25, the victory marked their second first round upset in the last three years. In the team's first Open Cup appearance back in 1997, Mid Michigan upset the D3 Wilmington Hammerheads, 3-2. For Austin, which was ranked 22nd in the Open Cup prior to the start of play, their third straight appearance in the tournament ends in their first first-round loss.

The U.S. Open Cup first round continues this week with four more first round games, including a double-header tomorrow night with the Cocoa Expos (PDL) and Northern Virginia Royals (D3) kicking off at 4:15 p.m. ET at RFK Stadium, a couple of hours before the nationally televised MLS match between D.C. United and the Miami Fusion on ESPN at 7:30 p.m. ET.

The 1999 U.S. Open Cup first round, which matches up eight qualifiers from the D3 Pro League against four PDL and four USASA qualifiers, is scheduled through June 20. The first round winners will then be drawn against eight A-League qualifiers, who join the U.S. Open Cup in the second round. The eight MLS competitors will enter the tournament in the third round.

The final 32-team U.S. Open Cup field is comprised of eight teams each from Major League Soccer, the A-League and the D3 Pro League, as well as four teams each from the PDL and the U.S. Amateur Soccer Association.

Dating back to 1914, the U.S. Open Cup is the oldest cup competition in United States soccer and is among the oldest in the world. Open to all affiliated amateur and professional teams in the United States, the annual U.S. Open Cup is an 86-year-old single-elimination tournament based on similar competitions played across the world concurrent with domestic league action.

The brackets for the first three rounds of the tournament have been solidified, helping each team chart their course into the quarterfinals, at which time a draw will be conducted to determine the pairings among the Open Cup's final eight competitors. Played under FIFA rules, each Open Cup match will finish with a winner, with tie games going into 30 minutes of sudden death overtime, and then to penalty kicks.

The 1999 U.S. Open Cup final is scheduled for the newly-constructed Columbus Crew Stadium on September 14 and will be televised live at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN for the first time in the annual tournament's history. For ticket information, contact the Columbus Crew at 614/221-2739.

First Round
DateThe Match-UpsKickoff/Result
June 5Los Lobos (USASA III) at Wilmington Hammerheads(D3)8-1, Wilmington
June 8Austin Lone Stars (D3) at Mid-Michigan Bucks (PDL)3-2, Mid-Michigan
June 9New York Freedom (PDL) at Cape Cod Crusaders (D3)7:30 p.m. ET
June 9United German Hungarians (USASA I) at New Jersey Stallions(D3)7:30 p.m. ET
June 10Cocoa Express (PDL) at N. Virginia Royals (D3)4:15 p.m. ET
June 11Mexico SC (USASA IV) at Arizona Sahuaros (D3)8:00 p.m. PT
June 16Spokane Shadow (PDL) at Chico Rooks (D3)8:00 p.m. PT
June 20Bavarian Leinenkugel (USASA II) at Carolina Dynamo (D3)1:00 p.m. PT

TEAMS ASSIGNED OPEN CUP RANKINGS FOR FIRST TIME: For the first time in the tournament's 86-year history, qualified teams for the 1999 U.S. Open Cup have been ranked from 1 to 32 to assist fans and media in gauging a team's success. The rankings are based on each team's regular season standing at the conclusion of their respective leagues qualifying play (approximately June 1, 1999). Each team is also ranked according to the league in which they play, meaning Major League Soccer teams are ranked from 1 to 8 as the top division in the competition. The Division II A-League's clubs are ranked 9 to 16, with the D3 Pro League teams following them from 17 to 24. The amateur teams in the competition round out the rankings from 25 to 32. Team rankings do not affect team pairings or home field advantage, they are only meant to serve the media and fans in comparing team strengths.

Seed Team League How Qualified Enter Tournament
1 Colorado Rapids MLS Defeated Kansas City 2-1 (so) on April 17, 1999 3rd round
2 Chicago Fire MLS 1998 U.S. Open Cup champion 3rd round
3 D.C. United MLS 1996 U.S. Open Cup champion 3rd round
4 Columbus Crew MLS 1998 U.S. Open Cup finalist 3rd round
5 Dallas Burn MLS 1997 U.S. Open Cup champion 3rd round
6 Tampa Bay Mutiny MLS Defeated L.A. Galaxy 1-0 (so) on May 15, 1999 3rd round
7 Los Angeles Galaxy MLS Best record of three "play-in game" losers on June 1, 1999 3rd round
8 NY/NJ MetroStars MLS Defeated Miami Fusion 3-2 on May 15, 1999 3rd round
9 Rochester Raging Rhinos A-League Earned one of four Eastern Conf. spots with 18 points 2nd round
10 San Diego Flash A-League Clinched top six spot w/21 points after six games 2nd round
11 Staten Island Vipers A-League Earned one of four Eastern Conf. spots with 18 points 2nd round
12 Minnesota Thunder A-League Earned second of four Western Conf. spots with 18 points 2nd round
13 Charleston Battery A-League Earned top Eastern Conference spot with 23 points 2nd round
14 Seattle Sounders A-League Earned one of four Western Conf. spots 2nd round
15 Jacksonville Cyclones A-League Earned one of four Eastern Conf. spots with 18 points 2nd round
16 Orange County Zodiac A-League Earned final Eastern Conference spot with 16 points 2nd round
17 Wilmington Hammerheads D3 Pro Won Atlantic Group with 13 points 1st round
18 Northern Virginia Royals D3 Pro Won Mid-Atlantic Group with 13 points 1st round
19 Arizona Sahuaros D3 Pro Earned one of two wild card spots with 13 points 1st round
20 Chico Rooks D3 Pro Won Pacific West Group with 17 points 1st round
21 Cape Cod Crusaders D3 Pro Won New England Group with 11 points 1st round
22 Austin Lone Stars D3 Pro Won South Central Group with 13 points 1st round
23 New Jersey Stallions D3 Pro Won Northeast Group with 18 points 1st round
24 Carolina Dynamo D3 Pro Earned second of two wild card spots with 13 points 1st round
25 Mid Michigan Bucks PDL Won Central Conference with 19 points 1st round
26 Spokane Shadow PDL Won the Western Conference with 14 points 1st round
27 Cocoa Expos PDL Won Eastern Conference with 19 points 1st round
28 New York Freedoms PDL Earned only wild card spot with 18 points 1st round
29 United German-Hungarians USASA Won Region I qualifying; team is from Horsham, Pa. 1st round
30 Los Lobos USASA Won Region III qualifying; team is from Tusla, Okla. 1st round
31 Mexico S.C. USASA Won Region IV qualifying; team is from Fresno, Calif. 1st round
32 Bavarian Leinenkugel USASA Won Region II qualifying; team is from Milwaukee, Wisc. 1st round FOR U.S. OPEN CUP UPDATES: U.S. Soccer has redesigned their web page for the 1999 U.S. Open Cup. New features on the site include final recaps on qualifying procedures and standings for each division in the competition; a "Match of the Week" preview, tuning you into key games during the tournament; and a list of the 10 best Open Cup games since the participation of MLS. In addition, U.S. Soccer have match reports and/or live on-line updates for all non-televised matches. For the latest on the tournament, go to and click on the U.S. Open Cup icon.