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Quote Sheet: Bradley and Donovan Preview Egypt Matchup

U.S. head coach BOB BRADLEY
“As a team, the experience in South Africa has been very important. We find ourselves in a difficult position going into the third match, but we are mathematically still alive. We have watched Egypt. They have played very well so far. There has been a tremendous effort from the team in both games. We are excited to test ourselves against them tomorrow night.”

On changes that will be made for the Egypt game, either formation or personnel:
“As far as formation changes, for the most part we have a way of playing. We adjust slightly at times; sometimes within a game, sometimes for an opponent. But the starting points will all stay the same. In terms of personnel, we are still assessing physically where we are with certain players, but we are ready to put a strong team on the field. I would expect that there will be couple of changes, but I don’t think we plan on making changes just for the sake of changes. We believe in what we are doing, and we’re excited for this game. We owe it to ourselves and everyone to go out and compete and go after three points, and try to see how many goals we can score.”

On how you motivate the team to bounce back after the first two games:
“When we talk about the experience in these kinds of tournaments, it’s being able to in a quick turnaround to continue to understand what you are there for. Every team arrives in tournaments like the Confederations Cup or the World Cup with high hopes, and usually it doesn’t always work that everything goes your way. There is a belief and an understanding whenever we’re together in terms of how we talk to each other, and how we work. There is a pride within the team, from the leaders a sense that we’ve had chances in these games, particularly against Italy. We hurt ourselves badly with a nervous start against Brazil, and now we have to make adjustments and go for three points and a full commitment against Egypt.”

On dealing with the pressure from media and fans in the United States following the first two results:
“It goes with the job, and so that I understand. I believe strongly in the way we go about things on the inside. Within our group, we always make sure that when we are in something together there is a trust, a sense that even when things are swirling around on the outside, none of that has anything to do with what we are doing on the inside. That’s the nature of international soccer. In order to make sure that the team feels that, the coaching staff must show that every day. I’ve been in this long enough and have had experiences along the way where I have been tested in that regard, and have always come out very strong in terms of sticking to what I believe in, knowing what it’s all about, and making sure that the players understand what it means to compete, be fearless, and don’t let anything else change what we’re doing.”

On not using the third sub against Brazil:
“There is 30 minutes left and you’re playing Brazil, and you’re down two goals and down a man. Even in the best teams in the world, there would be players that would pack it in. But our players kept at in a way that showed we believe in what we’re doing, and we felt it was a good reward to those guys to see it through.”

U.S. midfielder LANDON DONOVAN
“We are very excited for tomorrow’s game. It’s been clearly a rough start for us to the tournament, but we find ourselves with still some hope. So our mindset is now to give ourselves every opportunity tomorrow. Soccer is a strange game and funny things happen. So we’ll do what we can.”

On whether there is less pressure on the team for this game:
“We’ve talked about this whole tournament as a test run for hopefully when we are here next year. From the players’ standpoint, we have to prepare - no matter how unlikely it might be that we advance tomorrow - we have to prepare properly. It might happen next year that we win the first game or tie the first game, and have a bad second game. Then the question is how quickly do you mentally and physically get ready for the third game. As these last couple days have gone on, my mindset has been to take it like if this might happen next year, and how are you doing to respond. In that sense, this is a great opportunity, and not one you want to waste.”

On the slow start against Brazil, and how you change that before the Egypt game.
“I don’t have a reason for the way we started the game. I think as they game went on we actually did a decent job of coming back into the game. I don’t have a reason or an excuse. We look at ourselves critically, and we know that we didn’t start the way that we wanted to, and that ultimately cost us.”

On whether he has watched Egypt play and what he thinks of their team:
“I think most of us have seen both of their games, probably numerous times now. They’ve done a great job. Obviously athletically they are talented. They have a few players offensively that can make a few plays. They run and they work hard. I give them a lot of credit for the way they have played. It’s going to be a difficult match. We know that.”