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Quotes from US WNT Win against Norway

On the match:
“We had two centerbacks Christie Rampone and Rachel Buehler who did well and played aggressive, and we had Shannon Boxx and Carli Lloyd put it together (in the midfield), so those four made it so easy for everyone else. I thought it was a very good game and we created many chances.”

On improving from the Japan game:
“I think the speed of play was so much better today for pretty much 90 minutes. It was a little up and down in the first half and the beginning of the second, but we regained the ball and played aggressive. This is the American attitude and mentality: playing hard, but also being sophisticated enough to create chances and find the find rhythm and Boxx and Lloyd did well today.”

U.S. Midfielder SHANNON BOXX
On bringing high energy to the match:
“As midfielders, we’ve been trying to get the ball more and if felt a lot better today, but what I liked the most was the energy. We mentioned that after the last game. This is the mentality that we want. We want tough and we want high energy and I thought we tried to bring that today throughout the 90 minutes.”

On facing the aerial game of Norway:
“You know when you are going to play Norway it’s going to be a battle. So it’s a huge focus to win the battle in the air, and I think we did that, and that starts play. We just have to get the ball on the ground and settle it.”

On the team ramping up for the 2011 FIFA Women’s World Cup this summer:
“You’re just starting to see us gelling together. The more that we’re together you can see that we are getting a better rhythm, getting used to each other again and we have high energy right now because we want to win. It’s still early and we know that the final thing is the World Cup, so this is us still trying things and getting better.”

On the defense dominating the match:
“I think our back line is feeling really great in this tournament. We’ve been trying to be more aggressive, stepping in to win tackles and win balls that are coming to the forwards that are stepping off us, so that aggressive mentality has allowed us to win balls higher up the field and that’s been great in helping our attack as well.”

On setting up both goals with long passes:
“That was exciting. The first one I just hit over to A-Rod, I knew she could beat that girl in behind and then Tarpley was just great to get on the end of it. It just kind of worked out, but I’ve been working on my long balls. On the second one, our team was just doing a really good job keeping possession, and I just switched the point of attack to Rapinoe and she did a great job playing it in and we got another goal off it. It was just a great job by our whole team.”

U.S. Midfielder CARLI LLOYD
On the U.S. team’s attacking rhythm:
“I thought it was really good. I thought we were patient. One of the things we’ve been working on is possessing in the final third and I think we did a good job of that. Boxx and I were part of that build up as well, we went from one side to the other, we had some good combinations and I think we are going to peak at the right time. We just keep getting a little bit better each game.”

On her goal:
“One of the things that Pia wants me working on is getting closer up to the goal and making runs in behind the back line so I figured I had the opportunity when I got that ball from Rapinoe. She played a great ball in. One of the things I’ve been trying to work on is going at players and I just went at her and made a great move. It was a good shot and I kept it low and it went in.”

On the USA’s overall team play:
“I think from Barnie all the way up, or you could say from the forwards all the way back, we were all working hard. Barnie was coming off her line and had some key kicks out of the back and Buehler and Rampone were doing great back there stepping in and winning balls, the outside backs as well, and Boxxy and I focused on pushing us up higher and winning the ball up there and not getting split. The forwards worked really hard as well.”

U.S. Forward/Midfielder LINDSAY TARPLEY
On her goal:
“Rachel played a great ball over the top and A-Rod’s timing was really good. She got in and it was her and the ‘keeper. She kind of toe-poked it and I was trailing and it popped right out to me and I finished it.”

On the match:
“I thought there was a lot of good rhythm out there. We were attacking in a variety of ways and it was really fun to play today. Norway does have a unique style, but I was impressed with the way we played and stuck to our game plan and we really fought for each other out there.”