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U.S. Open Cup Blog: Chicago Fire vs. D.C. United

Score: DCU 0 - 3 CHI
Final Calen Carr is Man of the Match, and Chicago will host the Open Cup final on Sept. 27 at 7 p.m. CT live on Fox Soccer Channel.
92+ A fan is on the field, and security immediately takes him into custody. He's going to be in the holding cell/jail under Toyota Park for a while.
91+ Carr scores again. Guererro dummies a pass and runs around deRoux to get to it. He cuts it back across the goal mouth to Carr who takes a smart or not so smart touch, but gets the ball into space and roofs his opportunity.
90th Three minutes of stoppage coming, and the Fire have a corner kick as the clock ticks 90:00
88th That earlier scuffle hurts Chicago more than D.C., who was unlikely to come back from down two goals. Armas will miss their next match, meaning he is out for the Open Cup final here in Toyota Park on Sept. 27 -- should the scoreline stay in Chicago's favor, of course.
86th Yellow card for Olsen on a late challenge against Jaqua.
85th We forgot to mention Carr's goal celebration. Simple, but effective, he took off his headband and spun it around his finger in front of Section 8.
83rd D.C. is on the attack, and Adu gets free on the left. He drives a high shot right at Pickens who tips the ball straight up. It comes down behind him, and Segares saves the day with a clearance from the goal line. Donnet hits the rebound wide right.
81st deRoux on for Carroll for D.C. United.
80th We're still trying to figure out details. We know Erpen's red was for a tackle, but we'll have to wait for the referee report to figure out what Armas did. It looked like he shoved a D.C. player.
78th Erpen takes down Thiago hard (he couldn't have been happy about surrendering that last goal). A small melee ensues with all the players gathering in the area of the foul. When the dust settles, Erpen and Armas are sent off with red cards. 10 v. 10 soccer from here on out.
77th Chaos. More in a minute.
75th A long free kick from Curtin is flicked on by Jaqua. Carr runs and lunges to beat Erpen to the ball and sends a drive past Perkins for a 2-0 Fire lead. Great effort by Carr, who has been in some eyes the MVP of the Fire's 2006 Open Cup campaign.
74th Pickens drops a free kick from Gomez and is in the fetal position as Segares clears right to Donnet on the right. He puts the ball in, but the flag is up for offside on an earlier part of the play.
73rd Pause for Mapp. A little less firepower for the Fire.
72nd Calen Carr does his best Contender audition, taking a hard Josh Gros shot off the chin at the top of the 18.
70th Ben Olsen in for Simms.
68th Simms gets the match's first caution. We also noticed that Calen Carr is doing the dirty work at right midfielde, while Justin Mapp has moved up top on the left side of Nate Jaqua.
64th Matias Donnet in for Brandon Prideaux. He immediate gets a good touch and beats Curtin to the baseline to send in a low cross that is cleared. Gomez hits a worm burner that Pickens saves to his left. D.C. seems to have had their enery pick up.
63rd Looks like D.C. is going to make another chance. Peter Nowak is give instructions to who we believe is Matias Donnet, a recent aquisition from Argentina.
62nd We forgot to count everyone in the party deck (which is more crowded than usual) - tonight's attendance is 5,153.
58th Just when we hadn't mentioned Justin Mapp in a while, he scores a great goal. Chris Armas plays a great ball right over the top of the D.C. back line and Mapp holds off a defender, gets Perkins to commit, and taps the ball into an empty net. Classy finish by Mapp, who has been red hot of late.  
53rd A D.C. player just cracked a shot from 35 yards out just over the cross bar. When we mentioned that was the longest shot attempt we've seen at Toyota Park since DeRosario scored from midfield last week, Fire PR assistant John Koluder threw the cap from his water at us. 
52nd The Fire take a quick restart, and get a few crosses and one shot despite Diego Gutierrez being down behind the play. He is up, and those of us who are starting to sense overtime are thankful for no stoppage in play.
47th Dyachenko is making us tired by watching him hustle and generally stay in motion. Especially after that second piece of cake.
Halftime Teams are back out, and D.C.'s coaching staff noticed that Jamil Walker's touch was off just as we had and Rod Dyachenko is in.
Halftime Have you ever wondered how they fix the ribbon boards in stadiums and arenas when a panel goes out? No? We haven't either. But right in front of us one stadium staffer is holding the legs of a second staffer as he leans out over the ledge do do repairs. Apparently the panels aren't getting any power.
Haltime If you are in Toyota Park, head to the north end to Red Hot Hacienda or another of your favorite eateries. If you're on the couch, we highly recommend a chipwich. 
44th Speaking of Adu, he just had his first dribbling run of the match, abruptly ended by Chris Armas. On the subsequent loose ball, Armas gave Adu a nice deliberate shoulder to the back to the pleasure of the Toyota Park faithful (who haven't liked Adu going down easily in the preceding five minutes).
42nd There is a Freddy Adu jersey being auctioned off, according to the PA announcer. And if you'd come out to Toyota Park you could have bid on it.
38th The Barn Burners haven't shut up, er, stopped cheering all match. The quietest they were was watching the replay of Brown going down in the area, and then they were screaming things that we can't type here. (But quickly returned to positive, G-rated encouragement)
37th C.J. Brown gets a nice bear hug from Josh Gros at the far post (still getting off a shot). The fans called for a penalty, loudly after the in house TV showed that he was indeed pulled down.  
35th Brandon Prideaux took his captain duty seriously by communicating loudy to his back line that he shouldn't be marking Nate Jaqua (who put another header over the bar).
33rd The Fire try a little trickery on the free kick. Armas touches the ball square through Thiago's legs to Gutierrez who rips a shot into a gaggle of defenders at the top of the box. It bounced off someone and was kept in by Guerrero in front of the fourth official.
32nd Thiago tries to dribble through all five D.C. midfielders. He almost does before Simms takes him down to give the Fire a dangerous free kick 28 yards out.
31st Adu just played a sublime ball into the area to Gomez with the outside of his left. Nothing came of the play as the Fire had it covered, but it was still fun to watch.
26th Just as we type that, D.C. has a clear opportunity. Gomez leads Walker and Adu on the counter and plays the ball left to Adu. Adu holds it and sends a pinpoint cross to a crash Josh Gros at the far post, but his first touch off his chest fails him and Pickens comes off his line to grab the ball.
25th The last few minutes have been all Chicago. The home side is knocking the ball around well, and when D.C. does get the ball Jamil Walker has been prone to coughing it up with Gonzalo Segares on his back.
21st While we're getting tired of typing "Justin Mapp," we saw Freddy Adu get his first touch of the game (that we can remember).
19th Fire fans don't like it when they drive out to Bridgeview on Wednesday nights and the linesman flags Mapp for offside on a potential break away (no one was going to catch him).
16th Justin Mapp draws another foul, this one on the right win. Diego Gutierrez swings in the free kick and Nate Jaqua headed it over the bar.
14th Calen Carr started toward goal with some speed but lost the ball to the D.C. defense. Thiago was played in behind the back line but flagged for offside (despite the fact it looked like a D.C. player made the errant pass).
13th This just in: there is some speed on the field. Brian Carroll just found out the hard way as he took Justin Mapp down outside the center circle. Everyone wearing red in the stadium thought a yellow card was coming. Richard Heron is wearing blue and didn't think so (he's the referee).
10th El 'Section 8' canta en espanol
8th We're not saying that Toyota Park holds in sound well no matter how many are in attendance (we're estimating a crowd of around 4,000), but a fan right under the press box laughed at D.C. United and we're pretty sure everyone in the house heard him.
6th Both midfields have been holding the ball well - and with 10 midfielders on the field, things are crowded up top.
3rd Chicago gets the first chance off a corner, but Perkins ends up with the ball.
7:31 p.m. D.C. United is in all white, and the Chicago Fire are in all red. There are no hoops in site, and speaking of hoops, Steve Davis of the Dallas Morning News had an interesting look at FC Dallas' identity crisis.
7:27 p.m. It's approaching kickoff time, and the weather in Chicago, er, Bridgeview is great. Give it two weeks and winter will be here.
7:22 p.m. Andy Herron is not available with the Fire, as he is with the Costa Rica national team in Switzerland.
7:17 p.m. The startling lineups are in, and here is what they look like:
CHI (3-5-2): Pickens; Brown, Curtin, Segares; Mapp, Armas, Tiago, Gutierrez, Guerrero, Carr, Jaqua.
DC (3-5-2): Perkins, Namoff, Boswell, Erben; Gros, Carroll, Gomez, Simms, Prideaux; Walker, Adu
5:51 p.m. Some other folks took time to write about today's game as well. Steven Goff of The Washington Post reports that Jaime Moreno is out with a knee injury, while John Haydon of The Washington Times expects Jamil Walker to take his place, and newly aquired midfielder Mathias Donnet to see some playing time.
5:47 p.m.  Traffic and the length of the chow line in the Toyota Park press box pending, live updates from the stadium should begin no later than 7 p.m. CT. In the meantime, check out our preview capsules for tonight's matchup.
5:43 p.m. Welcome to's live blog of the 2006 Lamar Hunt U.S. Open Cup semifinal between the Chicago Fire and D.C. United.
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