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Conditional World Cup Ticket Refunds

Fans who purchased Conditional Vouchers through U.S. Soccer will automatically be receiving a refund for the Conditional Vouchers. The refund will be processed on the same credit or debit card used to purchase 2006 FIFA World Cup Tickets/Vouchers. The refundable amount is the price paid for each Conditional Voucher, less a five (5) euros handling fee per Conditional Voucher. Therefore, a fan that purchased two (2) Category 1 Conditional Vouchers to the Round of 16 originally paid 274 euros (i.e. 2 vouchers @ 132 € each = 264 € plus 10 € delivery fee = 274 € charged). The same fan will now receive a refund of 254 euros (i.e. 274 € less 10 € (5 € per voucher retained) = 264 € less 10 € delivery fee = 254 €).

Refunds will be processed over the next few weeks and fans will receive an e-mail confirming the refund has been processed. Although a confirmation e-mail is received, it is possible that the credit may not appear on credit card statements for up to 2 – 3 business days after the credit is processed.

Fans receiving refunds for Conditional Vouchers should keep the following in mind when reviewing their refund from U.S. Soccer:

1. The ten (10) euro delivery fee is non-refundable.
2. Conversion fees and any other fees incurred from your credit or debit card company at the time of purchase are not refundable through U.S. Soccer.
3. The euro to dollar exchange rate most likely has changed since your credit or debit card was originally charged by U.S. Soccer for the Conditional Vouchers. Therefore, the original amount charged and the amount refunded will not be the same.
4. Fans that purchased Conditional Vouchers to the 3rd/4th Place match AND the Final match, were only charged for the Final match. Therefore, these fans will only be refunded the amount of the Final match voucher, less the five (5) euro fee per ticket and ten (10) euro delivery fee.

Anyone with questions regarding the refunds of 2006 FIFA World Cup Conditional Vouchers purchased through U.S. Soccer should contact the U.S. Soccer Ticketing Department via e-mail at