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Quote Sheet: U.S. MNT Midfielders Landon Donovan, Benny Feilhaber and Defender Brad Evans

On the benefits of this year’s January Camp:
“It’s exciting, there’s a lot of young new faces that haven’t been around. Getting a test run in brazil for 10 days or so is really important. I remember in 2009 playing in the FIFA Confederations Cup was really beneficial when we went back to South Africa a year later. I think this is a really good, important step for the team.”

On the competition level at camp:
“I’m enjoying camp. For all of us, it’s an opportunity to continue to prove yourself, and it’s going to be competitive. I can’t remember a World Cup being this competitive for places. We’re all taking it seriously.”

U.S. MNT defender BRAD EVANS
On the competition level at camp:
“It’s extremely competitive. Any time you bring in some young guys who have done extremely well this year in Chance Myers, DeAndre Yedlin, a couple of good players, who at any moment can spark a game and can contribute as well. Then you look at Geoff Cameron having a great year at right back – he did well in the Austria game as well – so, those are always things that are going to be in the back of your mind, but you got to do what you do and try to do it to the best of your abilities.”

On developing chemistry with the younger players :
It’s a balance. DeAndre is my teammate in Seattle, but when we come here, we’re both battling for the same position. That’s the way I look at it. Obviously, all the questions off the field when we’re not at practice are always going to be there. I’m always going to be there as a cornerstone for him to come to when he needs advice on what to do here and there. In that position, if I see something I’m going to let him know. Him being 20-years old, I expect him to say, ‘this is what I would do in this situation,’ and we can bounce information of each other. That just builds good relationships and we can carry that over to Seattle because I’ll probably being playing right in front of him at right mid. There will be interchange there, and I think this will provide a good base moving forward.”

On what to expect during the team’s dry in Brazil:
“It’s extremely important to get a little bit of a taste of what could come in six months. It will be double days for the most part, so it’s going to be good, physical, a little bit draining at times with ninety degrees and the humidity. It’ll be a battle so the guys that come out unscathed will come out stronger from that trip and give themselves a good shot moving forward.”

On the expectations of the players during January Camp:
“If you’re here in January Camp in the year of the World Cup, I think you have a good chance. There’s five months to go and Jurgen believes in everyone out here. It’s about not only playing well on the field but being a good teammate and know what you’re doing off the field. Jurgen watches every little piece and he’ll make a good group to go to Brazil.”

On his performance throughout the 2013 MLS season earning him a MNT camp call up:
“I feel like a different player after one year [at Sporting Kansas City]. Having won the MLS Cup, that’s something that builds you a little bit into becoming a different player almost, more mentally than anything. I think with Sporting, it’s a different style. I had to become more fit than I was before, do the dirty work as well defensively because [SKC head coach] Peter Vermes won’t put you on the field unless you do. One thing I’ve gotten is taking more chances going forward as well. In the playoffs it helped myself and obviously was something I was able to do to help the team. All in all, it was a great season, definitely ups and downs, but in the end a great season that’s helped me a lot to come into this camp a bit more prepared.”