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Post-Match Quotes: U.S. MNT 0, Spain 1

U.S. head coach Bob Bradley

On whether the performance tonight was an improvement from the England match:
"In certain areas, I think there was improvement. In the first half, I certainly felt that we passed the ball better. In the second half, we had a very good chance early on but we lost a little bit of energy and Spain was able to capitalize.

"I thought we stopped moving to support each other when we had the ball. [Cesc] Fabregas and Xavi started moving very well to find little gaps in our midfield. At that point, Spain was able to take advantage. They're a very good passing team."

On the play of Spain:
“Spain is a very talented team. Technically they're very, very good, and their ability to move the ball around the field is amongst the best in the world. They didn't create that many chances, so I think that from their end that would be what they look at most."

On whether he will be looking at different players for the next game against Argentina:
“These three friendlies against top competition give us a chance to look at different players. It was designed that way. We have one more against Argentina and then we'll use the information from all the matches to have our team ready for the World Cup qualifiers."

On whether some of the veteran players will be around in 2010 or will he be looking at younger talent:
“It is always important to look for the right time to move young players into the national team. But there is great value in some of the more experienced players. We consider that of big importance heading into World Cup qualifying. If a player continues to play well, then that helps everyone.”


"Spain was relaxed and so were we. A game like this you just go out there, work hard, have fun and hope for the best. Spain played well but so did we, I thought. We had our chances to get a goal and it just didn't happen for us tonight."

U.S. midfielder EDDIE LEWIS

“Tactically we followed the game-plan quite well, and obviously everybody knew it was going to be a difficult 90 minutes. Overall the objective was to stay organized, make ourselves difficult to break down and with the few chances we got, hopefully take advantage. I think we did nearly all that, and we should have done better with a couple of chances that we had. Unfortunately we let our guard down a little bit and they made us pay.

“We went about the game the right away. Sometimes, playing the big European teams in Europe, we know that they're going to come at us and we're forced to concede a bit of the field. We had a few chances and we just need to do a little bit better job next time of taking advantage of those.”

On playing Argentina:
“It will be a similar exercise [against Argentina] in the sense that they're a great team. Playing on U.S. soil creates a bit more of an advantage for us. We'll still have our shape and the idea will be to attack a bit more and put more pressure on the ball.”