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Meet an Academy Athlete: Wes Culver How do you think being part of the Academy will help you improve as a player?
Wes Culver: “We work a lot harder in practice and we are definitely playing a lot better teams. We’re getting a lot of variety of soccer, so that benefits us in different ways because we have to adapt to different styles from places like the East Coast.” will be the best part of the Academy?
WC: “I think its brought the older and younger teams together within our club. We’re playing with each other more. We’re also getting better coaching and really working hard at practice. Then, when we come to tournaments like this, the games are intense and we play a lot better in an environment like this here at The Home Depot Center.” How cool is it to know there are national team and colleges coaches here watching all the games?
WC: “That’s a big deal. It makes you excited and want to play well. You can’t be worried about it, but it makes you play better.” do you think of the setup here at the Home Depot Center? What’s your favorite part?
WC: “I really like the lounge. You just come in here and relax before your game. You can sit by yourself or hang out with your team. It’s a good option if you don’t want to watch other games, you can just come in here and warm-up.”’s your pre-game routine?
WC: “I usually listen to music before a game, but then I get together with my teammates and we warm-up to get ready for the game.” is your favorite MNT player, and why?
WC: “I’m a defender, but I like watching offensive players, so I’d have to say Landon Donovan. He’s creative and spices up the game a little bit. Even though I’m a defender, offensive players are more exciting.” are your non-soccer idols?
WC: “There are some players on our older Surf team that I look up to because I see their leadership. I hang out with them and I learn from them. I have my older brother and the captain on the older team. They make me look at things differently.” is your first soccer memory?
WC: “Rec league, kicking the ball against the fence. That’s where it started. Also, kicking the ball around the house with my brother, playing a lot of one-on-one, just messing around. He’s always pushing me.” is your best soccer moment?
WC: “In a tournament in Arizona we went to PKs. I was playing up so there was a lot of pressure. Being a left-footed player, they put me last and I put it away. My brother ran up to me and it was just intense. I had never felt like that before, so that’s probably my best memory.” If you weren’t playing soccer, what would you be doing this weekend?
WC: “Probably homework (laughs). I’m just working on my grades 24/7, but besides that I’d probably be kicking the ball around with some friends.”